Amazon Will Rip Vinyl Purchases To MP3 For You

Earlier this year Amazon announced that it would provide free digital copies of CDs buyers purchased through its “AutoRip” program. Today, Amazon revealed that it’s extending the AutoRip program to vinyl. If you purchase a vinyl record marked AutoRip, you’ll see a digital copy of that album automatically added to your Cloud Player library. You’ll be able to listen to and download these digital files immediately, therefore saving you the trouble of ripping the album yourself.

There are currently thousands of vinyl records available under the AutoRip program, including releases from every major label. In addition, if you have purchased an AutoRip record at any point since Amazon started selling music in 1998, you’ll see digital files of that album in your Cloud Player library. In case you’re wondering, the digital files are encoded as 256 Kbps MP3s.

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    1. its not a new thing or a “fetish”. People have been collecting and appreciating vinyl since before you were probably even born. Anyway, we’ll let you get back to your Justin Bieber video.

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