Pro-Shot Official Video: Wilco @ Sydney Opera House

As previously reported, Wilco offered a free, live audio and video stream of this evening’s show at the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia, which took place in the early morning hours for those of us in the states. In another sign that Wilco loves you (baby), the band has archived the entire broadcast for our on-demand viewing pleasure.

You can watch the whole 2:20 broadcast here and switch between two cameras…

Set: Less Than You Think, Art Of Almost, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, I Might, Via Chicago, Spiders (Acoustic), Impossible Germany, Born Alone, Laminated Cat, She’s A Jar, Say You Miss Me, Whole Love, Box Full Of Letters, Hummingbird, California Stars, Forget The Flowers, Dawned On Me, A Shot In The Arm

Encore 1: Jesus, Etc., Hate It Here, Heavy Metal Drummer, Walken, I’m The Man Who Loves You

Encore 2: The Late Greats

[via Via Chicago]

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