Jagger Talks Ticket Prices, Scalper, Rolling Stones Setlist With Kot

Earlier today The Rolling Stones announced a nine-show North American tour and for many the question wasn’t “where is the band playing?” it was “how expensive are tickets?” Mick Jagger discussed the pricing and answered some questions about the coming tour in a Q & A with esteemed music critic Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune.

One question fans had regarding the May/June swing is why didn’t the band book stadiums instead of the much smaller arenas? “The Christmas shows (NYC and London) were arena shows. We got that going, and we’re content with doing that. We’re doing a few outside festival shows in England, but we just feel more in the groove doing arenas,” Jagger told Kot. Mick’s response to Greg’s question about ticketing pricing doesn’t quite leave us with warm fuzzies, “If you really can’t afford a ticket, it’s sad. I feel bad about that. But there are seats at different prices. We have some cheap ones that are quite good, too. There’s a price for everybody I think.” Jagger also revealed that while he’s got new songs ready, they plan to get through the tour before discussing the possibility of entering the studio.

The Stones lead singer also mentioned he’s open to requests via his @MickJagger Twitter feed, explained why Mick Taylor’s touring with them as a guest and espoused loathing for scalpers. Kot’s article is well worth a read and we’re glad Jagger called him out of anyone.

[Chicago Tribune]

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  1. I was all set to say “what a wanker” in regards to his comments about the exorbiant ticket prices, then I read the article. Tix start at 85 bucks, in this day and age, I think you should expect to pay that much for the Stones. And his comments about scalpers are dead on. Not much he can do about that, but he makes it very clear that the secondary ticket market is a load of crap.

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