Ween Explain Boognish, Show Off New Hope In Rarely Circulated Clip From 1987’s “The Ween Movie”

A few years ago a page appeared on Facebook for “Boognish Rising,” a Ween documentary that’s “in the works but the release date is uncertain at this point.” Recently the page’s owner has been sharing incredible audio, photographic and video gems from Ween’s near 30-year history.

Yesterday, an eight-minute clip from 1987 surfaced showing Deaner and Gener walking around their hometown of New Hope, Pennsylvania and explaining their band. Here’s more info…

In the summer of 1987 Ween filmed a short movie with friend and director Tom Nichols. They were planning on releasing it alongside Axis: Bold As Boognish, but it never happened. Here is a little preview. Big thanks to Gene Ween for the footage! The song is Opus 51 Fugue Trilogy in A.

Now, feast your eyes on the clip…

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13 thoughts on “Ween Explain Boognish, Show Off New Hope In Rarely Circulated Clip From 1987’s “The Ween Movie”

  1. tHE dUDE Reply

    That was weird, I like it. Nice to know that its not just an act…

  2. the wall Reply

    totally brown.

  3. Monroe Hoobler Reply

    It’s too bad they called it quits, or well… Geener did. I guess all good things must come to an end. Besides, “La Cucaracha” was their first album I found entirely disappointing. So maybe it was time.

    I’ll always have “Pure Guava.”

  4. Doug Reply

    I’m surprised Gene was the one to give this footage out. Consdering the way he quit on the band.

  5. Dylan Reply

    This is exactly what people need to see and remember, everyone flourishes brilliance, the real question is why is that not happening today, there is very few new ween bands, the boognish has not been able to communicate with the youth lately, is there a block? Or is it some sort of gestation?

  6. J Reply


  7. Corby Reply

    8 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    • AJ Reply

      yet you watched it all.
      You don’t want or need those 8 minutes back.

  8. howard kleger Reply

    The boognish is not apparent nowadays because its secretive. Like life, an art form.

  9. seldon Reply

    I’m guessing they were on mushrooms during this shoot. I love these two.

  10. RANDY J Reply

    Brilliant footage – cheers for sharing – can’t wait to see more footage – and maybe some official releases of early demos/songs

  11. Robert M Reply

    The video was taken down, is there any place else we can see this? Did anyone download it?

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