My Morning Jacket @ Centennial Park – Atlanta: Setlist

HT faves My Morning Jacket returned tonight to play a set at Centennial Park in Atlanta, their first gig since January. MMJ’s set was part of the Big Dance festivities to celebrate the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Final Four, which will be held at the nearby Georgia Dome on Saturday and Monday.

You can watch a webcast of the set here.

Jim James and Co. came out of the gates with the rare opener call of Magheetah before offering off a double dose of songs from their most recent LP, Circuital, in the album’s title track and Outta My System. The Louisville-based band didn’t display any rust as they moved through staples I’m Amazed and Off The Record, connecting each song in the opening segment with noisy, fuzz-laden interludes. Lay Low showcased duel lead theatrics from James and Carl Broemel before dissolving into a whirl of feedback out of which Victory Dance emerged. Jim took an opportunity to welcome the crowd and espouse what a beautiful night it was in between First Light and Wordless Chorus and later dusted off his trusty Omnichord for Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part 2. More Circuital material came in the form of Holdin’ On To Black Metal which was followed by romps through classics Gideon and Anytime. The power-packed, 80-minute set ended the way many MMJ festival sets do, with One Big Holiday.


Set: Magheetah > Circuital > Outta My System > I’m Amazed > Off The Record, Lay Low > Victory Dance > First Light, Wordless Chorus, Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part 2, Holdin’ On To Black Metal, Gideon, Anytime, One Big Holiday

There are currently no future My Morning Jacket performances scheduled.

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3 Responses

  1. Anyone else annoyed by the sound quality at the show? The setlist was what you would have expected and they came out swinging but waow was that sound just bad.

  2. I was about 30 feet back, stage left and I thought the sound was fine.

    Really fun show btw. Totally worth the price of admission.

  3. Very entertaining show….I have to agree with Sebastian a little though. The sound and reverb was off in circuital, and into outta my system. Though they got it worked out, or the beer took effect. The show seemed to get better as the sun went down. Anytime was an awesome experience. My 3 year old son thoroughly enjoyed his first MMJ show.

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