Hands Off: Axe Falls On Hands On A Hardbody

After years of hard work and many re-writes and rejiggering, Hands On A Hardbody finally debuted on Broadway last month. Sadly, it’s run won’t last too long as the producers of the musical, which features music written by Phish front man Trey Anastasio and Broadway veteran Amanda Green, have announced that HoaHB will close following this Saturday’s performance according to a report from the New York Times.

It’s too bad because it was an entertaining musical, but we can see how the story of Texans fighting for the right to take home a truck didn’t translate to the Great White Way. As for Big Red, regardless of the show’s short run, he accomplished his dream of writing music for a Broadway musical and no one can take that away from him. It also received a rave review from the New York Times, something that can’t be said of many musicals.

Reports surfaced last week that the musical was in trouble as New York Post theater scribe Michael Riedel warned HoaHB was losing nearly a quarter million dollars a week in an article posted in late March. According to the Times, the musical only took in 22% of the maximum possible amount it could garner over last week’s eight performances. In all, Hands On A Hardbody will have run for a total of 56 performances – 28 previews and 28 regular showings. Want to see HoaHB before it closes? “Rush” tickets are available at the box office for $32 the day of the show at the Brooks Atkinson Theater.

[Hat Tip – Parker Harrington]

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  1. I’m glad I saw it. It was a good night out, but i’m not surprised by this announcement. The signs were there & they were there early. I went the Friday after the official opening & the balcony level was 75% empty. The show also struggled to build momentum. The story was fine, & the music was excellent, but the flow was off somehow. Too bad.

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