The Lennings: Big Beige Car


Tranquil and subtle sound hues come forth from The Lennings’ Big Beige Car.  The Austin, Texas set of “brothers” have put together a hazy summer day’s mix discussing abstract and everyday objects (e.g., an oversized hat, a house, the afterglow of spending all one’s money, etc.) while incorporating a vast array of musical instruments (banjo, lo-fi guitar, melodica, pedal steel, etc.).  Yet the substance remains simple and never overbearing.  An ingenious color wheel in the liner notes describes who plays what instrument on each song (eight people are on the record with a ninth, Jason Silverberg, credited with composition).  The group probably has a penchant for the random and abnormal coupled with a love for chemistry or perhaps a love of The Princess Bride (with songs like “Betadine,” “Iocaine,” and “Iocaine 2”), as this hodgepodge of elements combines for a jaunty and smooth collection of material.

Jason Lemming (a.k.a. Jason Jinyma) sings lead vocals on all songs (except the instrumental “Iocaines”), and he traverses the lyrics with a breathless, gentle touch.  He even provides the harmony parts, sometimes recalling the likes of the Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ “What a Day for a Daydream” (this critic’s favorite, “Nazareth”) or M. Ward (“Bike”).  Essentially, listening to this record will result in immediate obsession and audiences should prepare to be both fascinated and aurally wooed.

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