The Revivalists Covered Madison Square @ Brooklyn Bowl & Lettuce Thinks That’s “Stupid”

We love when young bands cover other young bands, so we were excited to see a tweet from SiriusXM’s JamON directing followers towards The Revivalists’ version of Madison Square by Lettuce. Madison Square is a bombastic tune that The Revivalists do justice. Pedal steel isn’t exactly an instrument you’d expect to hear on a Lettuce song, but it fits oh so perfectly. Sadly, Lettuce (or at least the person running Lettuce’s Twitter account) wasn’t as impressed by The Revivalists’ cover.

The Revivalists covered Madison Square on Lettuce’s home turf during a recent gig at Brooklyn Bowl. Here’s what Lettuce tweeted about the song choice…

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We couldn’t disagree more. The Revivalists were paying tribute to Lettuce in their hometown and it’s a shame they don’t see it that way. You can’t match the power of Lettuce’s original version, so that band shouldn’t worry that The Revivalists will somehow steal their thunder.

UPDATE: Lettuce now thinks it’s an honor that anyone would cover them:

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Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch reached out to us with a clarification, “I had been hearing from a lot of people that they (The Revivalists) have been playing our song at their shows. Their version is good and we are honored that they chose to cover it. I just thought it was more appropriate if you’re a funk band, to cover bands that are NOT still touring and playing the same version of the song. I went too far to call it stupid and I blame that on me just being pre tour stressed. More power to The Revivalists. I take it all back. Now my whole band is pissed at me.”

And just to show all’s good in the hood, The Revivalists’ front man David Shaw and four members of Lettuce sent over this shot from Pittsburgh, where Shaw and the Nigel Hall Band are performing tonight in support of Galactic…

Thanks to Sue Guthrie Harmon we can watch The Revivalists tackle a tune that ironically they introduce as being by “some friends of ours”…

[via @SXMJamOn]

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14 Responses

  1. Looks like they got shamed into removing those tweets? As of 5 minutes ago: “We are very honored that anyone would cover our songs.”

  2. I wonder if this is a real beef or not? Last night at Galactic, the lead singer for the Revivalists sang a half dozen songs with Galactic. Opening up for Galactic was the Nigel Hall band which had Shmeeans and Baby Jesus in the band. Real beef or twitter bullshit?

    Both bands kicked ass by the way.

  3. Hopefully lettuce is furious at their publicist for this. If the band really feels this way the community should blacklist them at best.

  4. I’ve always assumed Neal did the tweets for lettuce because often are the same ones he had minutes before, especially when the Knicks are playing.

  5. Adam Deitch is an amazing drummer, but on more than a few occasions he has come across as a pompous, petty jerk with how he talks about other bands and music in general.

    1. Totally agree. Every time I start to fully embrace Lettuce, Deitch says something irritating as hell and it brings them down a couple notches in my eyes. This won’t be healed until they do some sort of apology mini-tour together.

  6. …my thoughts exactly.

    but after following along with the damage control, my unfamiliarity makes this guy sound like no less of a dooshe.

  7. I am appalled at the comments made and I assure you that this is not the “Lettuce” way. I do apologize on behalf of the band if we have offended anyone in anyway. The whole idea of music is that if a song touches your soul enough that you want to play it, you have the GOD given right to do so. Again, we are absolutley flattered and honored that anyone would cover out music. This means our job is truly being done.

  8. Thanks Nigel, I was the first to assume that it was an intern or someone else outside the band who posted that. I personally like people who “tell it like it is” and don’t blow smoke, but I also have seen firsthand how great talents can go either way with their egos when they are told how great they are repeatedly. I’ve learned lessons myself during ups and downs and have burned a bridge or two in the process. But I hope I learned something from each experience, and hope that Adam learned something here too. I saw Deitch kill it at the age of 20 with FatBag and he’s been one of my favorite drummers going on 17 years now. Respect all around, heads in check…. Peace.

  9. Adam Deitch is a good dude . Don’t stress out about this and make judgements about the man’s character . The Revivalists and Lettuce are cool as a fan . We r chillin together right now . Back to your regularly scheduled funky good time . Jesus

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