Video: The Black Crowes – Oh! Sweet Nuthin’

HT faves The Black Crowes’ Lay Down With Number 13 tour rolls on to Chicago tonight. On Friday night the group performed at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, where they delivered a three-song encore that included a cover of Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ by The Velvet Underground.

Rich Robinson handles vocals on the cover, and in this version lays down a particularly tasty guitar solo. Take a look at the Crowes’ take on Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ from Friday night in Philly…

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16 thoughts on “Video: The Black Crowes – Oh! Sweet Nuthin’

  1. sparky jabrones Reply

    he’s talented and all but he has always looked unhappy to be on stage. not an iota of evidence that he’s connecting or having a halfway decent time up there.

  2. kari Reply

    Good thing Chris makes up for it with his awesome stage presence!

  3. JG Reply

    RR is super talented and gets into his music fully. He doesn’t have down time to dance ard and smile as he’s not the lead singer and always has guitar in hand. Its obvious he loves to play and he smiles all the time…just not during solos where is is melting faces. Screw smiling …listen to how he sounds…its amazing.

    • stephannie Reply


  4. front row pam Reply

    If RR isn’t smilin, he’s just thinkin’…..he’s a F’n delight!

    • JG Reply

      Exactly!! Omg that 11.4.8 Glad N Sorry was just PERFECTION!! And a delight cldnt be more true!

  5. MD Reply

    RR is absolutely magnetic on stage. The people who say RR doesn’t smile, clearly aren’t paying attention. He smiles when he feels like it, but I’d rather him be focused on melting my face when he’s on stage, tbh.

  6. MD Reply

    Delight! He is! Glad n Sorry effing rules, maybe they’ll play that one tonight! Haha

  7. JG Reply

    Hey now…NOT tonight or tomorrow dammit!” Fri when we all can be there šŸ˜€

  8. Kimberly Bearden Reply

    I used to go see them as “Black Crows” when they were at Six Flags back in the early 80’s. Man…what GREAT memories! I wish I could see if they remember me and my little sister Karly. If they read this, they can find me on Facebook under Kimberly Thornton Bearden. I would love to hear from them and go see them in concert!


  9. front row pam Reply

    The early 80’s huh? Lmao! When the black CROWES were in middle school!

  10. MD Reply

    LO effing L. Haha, so early 80s…if Rich was 19 when they made SYMM in 90, that would make him 14 or so? Wow. I’m surprised his parents let him stay out that late.

  11. mckenzie Reply

    RR is the best. CR is the most amzzing frontman of my life. can’t you just enjoy and respect?!?! Oh! Sweet Nothin’ in 2013 should yield no complaints.

  12. Elwood Reply

    Just because Rich doesn’t appear to “smile” onstage (although he often does in his own inimitable way), it doesn’t mean he isn’t 110% into what he’s doing all the time. In a sense, he is the driving force of the band – and I don’t mean that to take ANYTHING away from any of the other stellar members. He writes most of the killer riffs. His solos are astounding. There have been many times I’ve watched him pretty much lead the band through a song via eye contact and counting off (Torn And Frayed at Hampton Beach in ’06 is a great example). Simply put, Rich is a phenomenally talented musician and songwriter whose huge contributions to the band are sorely overlooked by those who don’t know any better. The Black Crowes would’ve never been the band they are without him!

    • stephanie Reply

      Well said!

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