Members of Ween Reunite Without Gener For Impromptu Gig

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New Hope, Pennsylvania night club John & Peter’s has hosted many Ween and Ween-related performances over the past 30 years, so it’s the fitting that the closest thing we’ve gotten to a Ween reunion since the band broke up last May took place there on Sunday night. What was supposed to be a set from Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz and Ween drummer Claude Coleman Jr. turned into a mini-reunion when Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo and keyboardist Glenn McClelland joined their old mates.

[All Photos By Beta Klein]

The band rifled through a set that mainly consisted of Ween classics which Deaner sings as well as some choice covers such as an aborted take on Blue Moon. Matt Setzer sang a pair of Queen hits backed by Mickey, Dave, Glenn and Claude towards the middle of the set. Melchiondo shared photos of the shows with his Facebook followers and weighed in with this account of how it happened, “The way this gig came together was so organic and made it so much fun. Dave got offered a slot on the bill, he asked Claude, then they asked me, and then I asked Glenn and there we were all of the sudden.”

Here’s the setlist via mn_laker of the Ween Forum…

Setlist: Final Alarm, Sorry Charlie, Wild Ride!, A Tear for Eddie, With My Own Bare Hands, Pandy Fackler, Blue Moon, The Enabler, Piss Up a Rope, Find Me Somebody to Love*, Bohemian Rhapsody*, Put the Coke on my Dick, Little Sisters of the Poor, Superstar, God Loves You (but I hate you), Awesome Sound, Ace of Spades

w/ Guest Vocals by Matt Setzer

As for the artist formerly known as Gene Ween, Aaron Freeman and touring partner Joe Young will perform with Dave Dreiwitz at Freeman’s May 9th and 10th gigs at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass. and Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg respectively.

Check out more of Beta Klein’s photos from Sunday night…

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10 thoughts on “Members of Ween Reunite Without Gener For Impromptu Gig

  1. Cree Rider Reply

    Deaner, PLEASE go on tour with this band!!!

    • Mohammad Reply

      Audio. Now. Please.

  2. bryontreece Reply

    So glad to hear about this. More, please.

  3. Jake Reply

    Love that this happened – gives me a little hope

  4. sancho Reply

    nobody wants to see gener sing his rod mcquen poems… more of this band please!!!!

  5. Franklin Reply

    Show looks brown-ish. Anyone know where we might find a soundboard? Would love to hear it!

  6. Zeke Reply

    The Ween IV: A New Hope

  7. Bash Reply

    Maybe they can hit the road to promote Deaners new album when it drops. Any Ween is good Ween.

  8. dlocutor Reply

    not a single pic of Glenn !? Norm is friggin’ pissed

  9. Cory Reply

    YES!!! Don’t let the boognish wandering eye find fate… ! We need ween!…. Deaner & Claude are all they need for an awesome sound, the rest of the band I love the rest of the band and everything that is ween, poor gener lost his way, although I love his music regarldess…. I won’t let go, ween will live on. cory ruller reporting.

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