Audio: Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?

On June 11th legendary metal pioneers Black Sabbath will release their first studio album with Ozzy Osbourne’s Never Say Die! and today we’ve gotten our first taste of the Rick Rubin-produced LP. The band’s first single is called “God Is Dead?” and clocks in at just under nine minutes.

We’re 43 years removed from the release of War Pigs, but this new track has the same evil spirit as early Black Sabbath joints and has made us very excited to hear more. On God Is Dead? Ozzy, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler are joined by Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk. Check it out…

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3 thoughts on “Audio: Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?

  1. Isaac Reply

    The best part was the I-Heart Radio on demand voice that came up during the song a few times ;). In all honesty it is better than I thought it would be

  2. VampireJack Reply

    It’s a little dull and goes on too long.
    Sounds a little like Diary Of A Madman, but nowhere near as good.

  3. bryontreece Reply

    Hate to say it, but….meh. The most I got out of that is that I am deleting my iHeart radio app after having to hear that annoying message throughout the song. How can they think that would be a good advertising move? “Let’s annoy the shit out of everyone interested in hearing this song by interrupting it with our name every so often.” Good idea! All it did was make me despise them & not want to use their product.

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