Video: Dean Ween Shares New Moistboyz Single – Paperboy

Mickey Melchiondo isn’t just Dean Ween from Ween, he’s also Mickey Moist from Moistboyz. Deaner founded the band in the ’90s with vocalist Guy Heller, aka Dickie Moist, and Moistboyz have since released four studio albums filled with lyrics that would make the politically correct among us cringe at extremely random intervals. The group has a new album in the works, Moistboyz V Medusa, which is due this summer and today shared the album’s first single – Paperboy – on vinyl for Record Store Day.

This marks Melchiondo’s first official release of new music since Ween broke up a year ago. The video for Paperboy utilizes a whacked-out version of the 1984 video game of the same name and was directed by Zak Pine. You can always count on Moistboyz to shock and awe and there’s plenty of stuff in the video that’s controversial such as the shooting of dogs, a fat policeman eating a donut, an image of a Jewish man holding pennies and an ad for “Cohen Law” with the URL yourjewishlawyer.con.

We think the song itself rocks, see if you agree…

[Hat Tip – @SteveSilberman]

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