Manchester Orchestra: I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child


I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child is the debut by the Manchester Orchestra hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Although they are a considerable distance from Manchester, England, this is an encouraging pop rock album, catchy enough to get radio airplay while still managing to be unique and engaging. The opening track, “Wolves at Night,” instantly draws the listener in with its eerie combination of explosive guitar riffs and funeral organ. Though vocalist Andy Hull at times sounds too much like any of the interchangeable emo singers on the radio, the disc is a great mix of rockers, soft tracks and everything in between.

“I Can Feel Your Pain” is a sullen acoustic track that would fit right in on a Damien Rice album. “Now That You’re Here” features a heavy rock riff and various powerful loud/soft changes. In “Where Have You Been,” sparse, mellow arpeggios are played over heavy drums. Though not a groundbreaking album, the finest cuts more than make up for the few clunkers.

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