Weir’d End To Furthur’s Cap Run: Bob Weir Unable To Perform

Sad news from The Capitol Theatre last night as Furthur guitarist Bob Weir was helped off the stage in the middle of the band’s second set during the final show of the band’s nine-show residency. Weir seemed to be off all night, both vocally and on guitar, which culminated in a scary scene during Unbroken Chain. The 65-year-old Weir fell on stage and was helped into a folding chair that was set up for him by two of Furthur’s crew. He strummed aimlessly throughout the rest of Unbroken Chain, after which the band left the stage only to return a few minutes later sans Weir.

Phil Lesh advised the crowd that Weir hurt his shoulder earlier in the day, garnering hoots of in-credulousness. Lesh and his band mates went on to finish the second set without Bobby.

Here’s video of Unbroken Chain…

Furthur’s next show is on Saturday night in Atlantic City. There’s no word on Weir’s condition. We’ve been blown away by how hard Weir and Lesh have been working in past years both with Furthur and with their new Bay Area venues. We wish Bobby the best and hope he’ll be able to play in AC.


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39 thoughts on “Weir’d End To Furthur’s Cap Run: Bob Weir Unable To Perform

  1. sparky jabrones Reply

    that ain’t no shoulder bringing him down. prayers bro.

  2. rebecca rubenstein Reply

    That video was so, so sad.

  3. Mike Reply

    He looks like “that guy” at shows that’s stumbling into everyone…

  4. Nick Reply

    Maybe he hurt his shoulder and accidentally over-medicated. I have chronic neck and shoulder issues and could not imagine playing a guitar for several hours when I’m in pain with it.

    Whatever the issue, be well Bobby!

  5. Jay Gerland Reply

    I can’t help but lean while I’m watching him. As someone else said on the Youtube page, those guys knew what to do with him. They propped him and left the stage and the band never freaking stops. Maybe he had too much too fast.

  6. BillyOrbit Reply

    Wow,,, that is MAJOR LEAGUE Fucked UP…..

    • Space Monkey Reply

      Cold indead. Maybe it was Phil’s singing, or moaning as the case may be, that made Bobby sick. Seriously though, I’m wishing nothing but the best for Bobby – hopefully he just over-medicated his shoulder injury.

      • Hurley simmons Reply

        Phil is a legend with a unique voice. Your just being a turd.

        • Rugger1 Reply

          Love the boys, but…c’mon. Phil could kill a water buffalo at 300m with that moan.

  7. Dan Reply

    Wow,,, that is MAJOR LEAGUE Fucked UP…..

    Yeah, Phil didn’t even stop singing. That’s pretty cold.

  8. Bear Reply

    I agree with Nick, perhaps some pain meds with the “Shoulder injury”, maybe add 65 yeras and a beer or too and there you go. Hopefully its nothing too serious

  9. Joel Reply

    This is just too rich! Please let it not be anything serious so I can continue giggling.

  10. Kyle Reply

    Wow I was thinking the maybe he to much to fast. Prayers to bobby. I dont think it was cold that Phil stopped sining. I think its better than making a huge scene and maybe making a situation even worse than it was

  11. Augustus Westus Reply

    Weir here!!! Need an update. Was a long run up there. Many late nights. Probably needs to get back to Marin and some chill time. Thoughts are with you, bro. You know its gonna get stranger…

  12. Zach Reply

    The show must go on, brothers and sisters…

  13. Lesley Reply

    Bob’s been working with a trainer and strained his shoulder – he was prescribed pain meds. I’m speculating now — but I imagine there was some kind of VIP event before the show since Trixie & others were in attendance to announce “Garcia’s.” Bob probably had a couple of scotches or beers, which he could normally handle, but which interacted with his pain meds and knocked him OUT. Then he was a BIT stubborn about giving up and getting off the stage. Hope he didn’t fall on the bad shoulder and make it worse!! Hope you feel better soon Bob!!

    • Little Nemo Reply

      you sure nailed it there Lesley. If you’re really speculating, you should play the markets!

  14. Sean Reply

    if this was 20 or 30 years ago I would have found this funny. But without that beard, Bobby would probably resemble the skeleton from Blues for Allah, at his age getting that sideways can’t be good for his health. Thoughts and prayers are with him and the band, hopefully he did just hurt his shoulder and popped one too many pills and a few too many beers and isn’t gonna make a habit out of this

    And I agree the band did the right thing by playing on. Bobby’s a grown man who we all know has been here probably 10X more times than any of us. if he was really in trouble I’m sure either he would have said get me out of here, or one of the band would have recognized it. Stopping the show would have made a really big deal out of what we all hope was just a trip down memory lane

  15. Jeff F Reply

    he had pain pills and a few glasses of wine that didnt mix well.. Bobby will be ok… Too Much too Fast

  16. bryontreece Reply

    Play on, I say, but Kadlecik could have at least extended a hand to the old man at his feet.

    • Scott W. Allen Reply

      He was hammered. Pharmaceurical drugs and alcohol. Lucky he didnt kill himself. He failed to heed the lessons of his prior bandmates — drugs killed Jerry, Brent and Keith Godchaux and alcohol killed Pigpen. I thought Bobby was supposed to be the clean one, the health nut, not a drunken person embarrasiingly performing in front of his fans. I feel bad for the rest of the band.

      • R.E. Goldenbird Reply

        Just a point of fact. Keith got clean after him & Donna left the Dead and died in a car accident in 1980.

      • ste4ve Reply

        Uh, Jerry died of a heart attack, dude.

  17. Teddy Pasalaqua Reply

    What a fucking drunk. I’ve have seen this in the Bobby repertoire before. Pills and wine. Why do you think Phil and the band didn’t even pay attention to him. They knew before they went out to play the 2nd set that Bobby was all fucked up. Bob Weir has become a disgrace. If he wants to redeem himself to himself he’d just admit that he has an addiction problem.

    • Scott W. Allen Reply


  18. Steve D. Reply

    Iv’e done that in the crowd before…more than once. Pills and booze can getcha.

  19. odessa Reply

    disappointed to see many of the comments so harsh. hard to see the lack of respect for a very hard working musician. i’m no deadhead but i think it’s fair to say to those who deride – how many of you could stand on stage for four hours playing almost non-stop? at your age, much less his? i would say few to none.

    okay he fell. whatever the reason, he deserves more than he’s getting from his so called ‘fans’. give the guy a break and a little support. realize that your comments say more about you than him or his performance. and that’s more disgraceful than what bobby did on stage last night.

    • Scott W. Allen Reply

      Sorry if I seem harsh but I watched Pigpen, Jerry, Brent and Keith kill themselves the same way. Phil looks like he doesnt give a fuck. Is that harsh, too ?

    • Gordy Reply

      I agree wholeheartedly with Odessa. I’m a working musician and few have any idea what that entails.
      This guy has brought us all so much..have a little respect folks.

    • ste4ve Reply

      What Odessa says.

  20. Kenny Reply

    Well said Odessa . He can be a cantankerous guy at times but he doesn’t derserve to be dissed by all these so called Deadheads ! Get well Bob

  21. Chris Reply

    Any word on the Atlantic City show Saturday? Please let me know, as we’ll be driving from DC.

  22. Greg Pittz Reply

    Jesus fucking christ, even Jerry was never THAT visibly fucking wrecked onstage. Dude looks like he’s about to fall out of the fucking chair.

    I don’t know what the hell is going on with him, but damn. If you hurt your shoulder THAT badly that you have to play guitar like that, maybe you shouldn’t go onstage.

    Super fiery jam there, though, despite Bobby’s horribly out-of-key playing. plonk, bwoink….bringggg bwomp

  23. Augustus Westus Reply

    Best to Bobby. Get well old dog. Whatever the reason we all hope he gets better ASAP and is healthy. If this is a sign of something deeper then I hope he seeks help. I saw Jerry at giants stadium in 94 and he was a mess. It was my last show – the one where I decided that I would rather listen to the past shows rather than pay to see the poor guy melt down in a slow decline on stage.

  24. John Reply

    Lets just say it was hard to watch for long time fans. I hope bob uses this to be stronger and continues to bring his talents to everyone who has enjoyed them over the years. Be well Bobby!

  25. Jerry H Reply

    Saturday’s show in A/C was fantastic – they opened up with very strong Jack Straw, Bob was in great form. A very solid Let It Grow, St. Stephen, closed it up with Help/Slipknot Franklins. Encore was Touch Of Grey. Could not have been happier, the crowd roared at the end of the show, Phil waqs all smiles and Bob was giving hugs to all in the band. Triumphant!

  26. spikenyc Reply

    Seems that TRI has taken all youtube vids down of this incident.
    What BS! TRI should not have any juristiction over these videos.
    Furthur allows audio taping and the capitol allows photos.
    We all know how embarassing this has been for Bob, but that does not mean he or TRI has a right to the youtube videos that were posted.

  27. FanTrust Reply

    Those who deride might think differently if they just tuned in to any of Bobs performances over the last month leading up to that night. Or compare his playing/vocals to that of say 3 or 4 years ago. Personally I think he’s finding a 3rd or 4th wind. Inspiring as hell if you ask me. Especially @ 65. It’s so easy to slip……

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