Bloggy Goodness: Stones Offer Additional $85 Tickets

The Rolling Stones’ just-about-to-begin tour isn’t selling well. To help sell more tickets, the band is offering up more $85 tickets as it appears no one’s willing to pony up the big bucks to see the legendary rockers. Bob Lefsetz wrote about the Stones’ failure to engage in a riveting essay for his Lefsetz Letter e-mail list (if it’s not up yet at the website it will be soon).

According to Lefsetz, you can pull eight tickets together to Friday’s tour opener which helps explain the “new” $85 tickets. We’re hopeful the Stones and other acts learn a lesson that you can’t expect fans to pony up hundreds and hundreds of dollars as easily as you could in the past.

Here’s six other stories of note this week…

Finally, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the long-awaited Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young live album from 1974. Graham Nash told ABC that they have put the release off from its August date until next year, so that they can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the tour. Hey…we waited this long.

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  1. Seeing the Stones performance from the Hurricane Sandy benefit should be the first signal you are crazy to spend 100’s of dollars to see these gus. Personally, I think $85 is a stretch. Too bad there aren’t more classic rock acts following Springtseen’s business model by keeping ticket prices low and playing 3 plus hours, and high energy from start to finish.

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