Interlocken: Relix Publisher’s New H.O.R.D.E.-Like Fest

Relix / publisher Pete Shapiro is sure a busy man. In addition to running those publications, the Brooklyn Bowl, The Capitol Theatre and many other ventures, he’s getting back into the festival game. Shapiro has teamed up with promoter Dave Frey to create the Interlocken Music Festival, which is set to take place at Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington, Virginia on September 5th – 8th.

In the news on Shapiro’s Relix site, his team notes that the site’s website and Facebook page are now live.  While no artists have been revealed and Relix hasn’t shared much info as of yet, this bit of info from the Facebook page has piqued our interest…

“Interlocken’s two main stages will feature full (2-hour) sets and run seamlessly from one into another without breaks between performances, giving the audience a unique and singular experience. This passing of the baton will ensure that music on the two main states will be continuous or “interlocked” throughout the weekend.”

We love the idea of bands jamming into each other’s sets ala the H.O.R.D.E. Festival, which Frey co-created. Frey told local paper The Nelson Country Times that he expects a crowd of 30,000 to 40,000 for the event.

What bands would you like to see play the first Interlocken Music Festival?

[via Relix]

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6 Responses

  1. Umphrey’s would be a must for me! Depending on who they are following and leading into they could do some amazing things with this idea.

  2. Pete always has a way of putting some great acts together, so I’ll leave it up to his discretion….but in one word: PHISH.

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