Hot Hot Heat: Happiness LTD.


Catchy, danceable, enormous…all of these are words that could accurately describe Happiness LTD., the third album from Vancouver, B.C. band, Hot Hot Heat. When "Middle Of Nowhere" and "Goodnight Goodnight" from their 2005 effort, Elevator, became modest hits, it could have been said that they were just on the dance rock bandwagon with Franz Ferdinand or the Killers, with constantly moving drums, angular guitar riffs, and rapid-fire lyrics.  The difference, however, is that Hot Hot Heat have taken the dance rock formula and, on Happiness, pushed it outwards, incorporating myriad new instrumentation, a newfound sorrow (albeit, delivered in a pretty upbeat way), and a much more epic sound, all held together by frontman Steve Bays’ unmistakable moan.  The opener and title track "Happiness LTD." and lead single "Let Me In" are nothing if not grandiose, bound, most certainly, for arena sing-alongs. "5 Times Out of 100" should please longtime fans and while it would easy to point out several other standout tracks, it may just be easier to go ahead and recommend Happiness as the best of Hot Hot Heat’s career.

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