God Street Wednesdays: $1.99 TRImances

Just over four years ago we launched our recurring God Street Wednesdays column with an article titled “Bring Back God Street Wine” begging for the band’s return after ten years of retirement. Unbelievably, we’ve since seen God Street Wine go on to play 17 shows at a variety of venues that include a cruise ship and venues owned by Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. We’re extremely grateful that once again we’ve got a God Street Wine gig in our future, August 3rd at The Capitol Theatre, and with that in mind we’ve brought God Street Wednesdays back.

For today’s God Street Wednesdays post, we set the HT Time Machine for the date August 9th, 2012. On that fateful evening, Winos from around the globe tuned in to watch GSW perform at TRI Studios. When the band took the stage with Princess Henrietta followed by Mile By Mile and Nightingale, a pattern started to emerge. As Thirsty came next it was clear God Street Wine was replicating the track list of their major label debut – $1.99 Romances. GSW tackled their most well-known album song-by-song until they had played the entire 14-track LP. As if that wasn’t enough of a treat, Bob Weir emerged towards the end of the set for Grateful Dead classics Candyman, Feel Like A Stranger and Cassidy as well as a cover of And It Stoned Me featuring Van Morrison’s daughter Shanna and God Street Wine original Epilog.

A few months back TRI Studios shared video of the complete 142-minute performance…

Set: Princess Henrietta, Mile By Mile, Nightingale, Thirsty, Stone House, Molly, The Ballroom, Run To You, Crazy Head, Hammer & A Spike, Wendy, Imogene, Tina’s Town, Into The Sea, Candyman*, Feel Like A Stranger*, Cassidy*, And It Stoned Me^, Epilog*

* – w/ Bob Weir
^ – w/ Bob Weir and Shanna Morrison

God Street Wine returns to the stage on August 3rd at The Cap in Port Chester, New York.

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  1. Used to see GSW frequently when they played Irving Plaza in NYC and I had the spot at “The Top of the Stairs” leading into the main room. Always a good time and liked that they had those characatures of the band hanging up around the space.

    Good times!

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