Furthur To Perform Acoustic at Interlocken For Super VIPs

Back on Friday we told you about the inaugural Interlocken Festival, which will be held at Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington, Virginia on Sept. 5 – 8. Relix publisher Pete Shapiro and H.O.R.D.E. co-founder Dave Frey have organized the festival. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Furthur, The String Cheese Incident and The Black Crowes are among the bands that were included in the first Interlocken artist announcement, with the possibility that Widespread Panic (and friend(s)?) will join in the fun.

With so many festivals on the scene these days, it’s all about how you differentiate yourself from other events and we like what Interlocken organizers have come up with,” Interlocken’s two main stages will feature full two-hour sets that will run seamlessly from one to the other without breaks between performances…The emphasis will be on quality over quantity, as fewer bands will be playing longer sets and many of the featured artists will perform multiple sets on different days.” One band that it appears will be playing multiple sets is Furthur, however you’ll need to kick down to get down at the group’s “private acoustic performance.”

CID Entertainment will start selling VIP & Super VIP “Experiences” for Interlocken on Thursday. While pricing hasn’t been revealed, we did come across an interesting detail. Those purchasing the Super VIP Experience will receive an “Invitation to a private acoustic performance by FURTHUR.” Furthur acoustic performances have been few and far between, so we’ll be interested to see how this goes down.

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  1. Very interesting. Can’t wait to see what something like that costs and how many will be allowed in.

    Thinking about this and something similar here in Buffalo. I bought “VIP” tix to see the Hip and you get special viewing area, bar and bathrooms. They had released another couple hundred tix and I felt gyped (sp?). If everyone can go, it’s not very VIP, imho.

  2. Super VIP? Really? So much for this being like HORDE.

    CID will likely be making a pretty profit on this one for sure.

  3. seeing an acoustic furthur set would be amazing for all of us who are traveling there..(already spending money)..what kind of gathering of good energy will this be.. where only people who have enough money to spend will be able to see the acoustic set? That is the exact opposite of everything the heart of the Grateful Dead is… does anyone agree?

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