Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: Pride and Joy

You may remember Stevie Ray Vaughan as arguably the greatest electric blues guitarist, but do you know him as a video giant?  No, probably not, because SRV was no Michael Jackson. And the Texas boy would be more likely playing dance punk chords (as he did for Bowie’s “Lets Dance”) before looking pretty in a video. Stevie was more about sound than image; although you have to hand it to him for always looking cool with his flat brimmed hat, poncho and SRV initialed Statocaster. 

The previously released Pride and Joy captures Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble through their “video” history from 1983-1989. This updated DVD includes the video for “Little Wing,” three MTV Unplugged performances (“Pride and Joy,” “Testify,” “Rude Mood”), along with material for the Vaughan Brothers’ 1991 Family Style album.

The 80’s videos are watered down in visual cheese with poor sound, and fans are better off listening to the CD versions on each of SRV’s four proper studio releases to hear the blistering “Crossfire” solo in its audio glory.   However it’s the Unplugged spot that makes Pride and Joy intriguing, as we get the rare chance see the master play acoustic while belting the blues. While it can be argued that the Vaughan Brothers’ album was over-produced by Nile Rodgers, there is a cool interview with Stevie and older brother Jimmie included at the end.

True fans are better off checking out Live at the El Mocambo or Live From Austin DVDs to see SRV in all his live glory, as this version of Pride and Joy is instead reserved for the late master’s forgotten video years.

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