Hands On A Hardbody Cast Recording Track Listing Revealed

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UPDATE (6/13 11:50AM): The Hands On A Hardbody original cast recording will be released digitally on July 9 followed by a physical release on August 13 via Sh-K-Boom Records.

Earlier this week the track listing for the Hands On A Hardbody original cast recording surfaced. The Tony-nominated score was written by Broadway vet Amanda Green and Phish front man Trey Anastasio. Songs included in the show ranged from gospel (Joy Of The Lord) to ballads (I’m Gone) to rock (My Problem Right There). A few tunes have been played by Phish in concert, namely My Problem Right There and Burn That Bridge while some of Stronger is derived from the Phish song Joy.

As of April, the HOAHB cast recording was due in June, though label Sh-K-Boom Records lists “TBA” for the release date. Hands On A Hardbody ran on Broadway for a total of 56 performances before closing on April 13th. The musical is now expected to run at regional theaters such as St. Louis’s New Line Theatre which will show Hands On A Hardbody May 29 – June 21, 2014.

Here’s a look at the tracklisting and bonus track for the HOAHB original cast recording…

1. Human Drama Kind of Thing
2. If I Had This Truck
3. If She Don’t Sleep
4. My Problem Right There
5. Alone With Me
6. Burn That Bridge
7. I’m Gone
8. “uncontrollable laughter”
9. Joy of the Lord
10. Stronger
11. Hunt with the Big Dogs
12. Hands on a Hardbody
13. Born in Laredo
14. Alone with Me (Reprise)
15. It’s a Fix
16. Used to Be
17. It’s a Fix (Reprise)
18. God Answered My Prayers
19. Joy of the Lord (Reprise)
20. Keep Your Hands On It
Bonus Track: 21. The Tryers

[via Sh-K-Boom, Hat Tip – Lawrence Pinkham]

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8 thoughts on “Hands On A Hardbody Cast Recording Track Listing Revealed

  1. sparky jabrones Reply

    duuuude, no way?! you just announced the reveal of a track listing for a broadway show soundtrack!? back away from the shark…quick!

    • Scott Miller, New Line Theatre Reply

      Hey Sparky — careful, your ignorance is showing. First of all, stage musicals don’t have “soundtracks;” only films do. Second, the musical theatre is more adult, more adventurous, and more rock-based than ever before. So feel free to mock things you don’t know about, but you look a little silly doing it…

  2. Burke Reply

    Hey Scott is that why it did so well at the box office? Lol , by my count they lost about 2 million per tony nomination. It’s easy to mock things that suck!

    • Gary Reply

      Only 1 in 4 Broadway plays make money. The only thing that sucks is your shitty attitude.

  3. becca Reply


  4. Bryan Reply

    I saw Hardbody and it was amazing. Most Broadway shows lose money. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but not all shows run as long as Phantom or Lion King. The Tony Awards are by no way a measure of success. For those of us who follow Trey’s ups and downs, this is a huge up. Looking forward to hearing the recording…

  5. kyle Reply

    Wsay to go Scotty people like this have no clue I saw it along with about 20 other plays in my life and it was amazing. Musicals Sorry It certainly didnt suck It didnt make money bc it had no superstars like tom hanks or jane lynch Pretty hard to compete agains stars like that. Nice article Scotty!!

  6. kyle Reply

    Uh everyone has to hate on trey if it were mike or page people would drop a load. When when trey dies people will realize how ignorant they really are.A rock star who is in 2 bands made a play, plays with the best artists in the world one of the most respected musicians on the planet oh and not to mention his sick writing and his playing with the best orchestras in the country but ya trey sux unless he is with phish????C’mon people grow up he has more talent in his toenail than most people have today

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