Hidden Track Giveaway: Phish Ventura Big Kahuna Bundle + Exclusive Audio Of Makisupa Policeman From Phish Ventura

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The next Phish live archival release, Ventura, features two shows the quartet played at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California on July 30, 1997 and July 20, 1998. Though only a year separated the two shows, the band had a completely different sound at each appearance and delivered two outstanding performances. This audio-only release provides official recordings of two shows for which excellent audience recordings have never surfaced due to in part to the wind at the venue.

The box set is available for pre-order ahead of its June 18 release date from Dry Goods and those who purchase will receive a 10-track sampling of the band’s March 21st, 1993 show at Ventura Theatre called “BuenaVentura.” In addition to the 6-cd box set, pre-order options include bundles which feature Ventura koozies, t-shirts and posters.

As part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program, we’ve got three copies of the complete Phish “Ventura” box set to giveaway PLUS a Big Kahuna Bundle which contains  the all new 6-CD “Ventura” box set, Little Stevie Water Ski T on Purple and your choice of Koozie®. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Phish Summer Tour. You can enter a second time by following us and then tweeting the year of your favorite Phish Summer Tour at us. Let us know by including both “@hidden_track” AND “#phventura″ in your tweet. We’ll give you a third chance to snag one of the sets by telling us the year that your favorite Phish Summer Tour took place on our Facebook wall. Once the contest entry period closes we’ll tally all the entries from our comments section, Facebook and Twitter and pick four winners at random.

Here’s the fine print…

  • To enter the contest, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Phish Summer Tour
  • You can enter a second time by leaving a similar comment on the wall of the Hidden Track Facebook Page
  • You can enter a third time by following @hidden_track and tweeting your favorite Phish Summer Tour at us and including both “@hidden_track” AND “#phventura″ in your tweet
  • Your comment(s) must be left by 11:59 PM EST on June 14
  • Anybody entering more than once a piece on Facebook, Twitter and at the bottom of this post will be disqualified, tarred and feathered (If you have a problem leaving a comment and it doesn’t appear, you won’t be penalized for trying a second time)
  • Four winners will be selected at random from all entries
  • The first winner chosen will win the Big Kahuna bundle, while the other three will each receive a Phish Ventura box set courtesy of Phish Inc.
  • HT staff members are not eligible to win

And now, feast your ears on this sensational version of Makisupa Policeman from Ventura…

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227 thoughts on “Hidden Track Giveaway: Phish Ventura Big Kahuna Bundle + Exclusive Audio Of Makisupa Policeman From Phish Ventura

  1. William Apotheker Reply

    Summer 94! My first show.. and it was a gamehendge! Been chasing it ever since.. along with everyone else

  2. Chris H. Reply

    Summer ’99, had just graduated from Skidmore College and hit the road w/ some of best friends for entire tour.

  3. blenstyle Reply

    My favorite summer tour is ALWAYS the next one, 33 more days till this 30th year summer run, bring it Phish and see y’all out there.

  4. Tommy Carpenter Reply

    My favorite is 2012. I’m not able to make many shows, but I was able to listen to most of 2012 tour via “Couch Tour” and I was able to make the SPAC Run. Those shows were pure bliss and I would pay anything to relive that experience.

  5. Matt Stevens Reply

    My favorite summer tour was the 98 summer of covers tour. Caught the last 8 shows from Atlanta to Limestone.

  6. Phil Tarrione Reply

    Summer 97! You can’t beat a tour that begins in Europe and ends in Maine! 1997 was THE year for Phish shows. I wish I had a time machine to do every show that year.

  7. Jason Gowen Reply

    My favorite was my first, 2000! Lakewood, FTW!!!! Great giveaway, thanks!!!

  8. Jon Reply

    summer 97. saw a bunch of shows and made some friends that tour I still am close with

  9. Jason Reply

    Summer 1998 was when I finally got around to seeing the band. But I also had a lot of fun in 2010 where I got a Harpua on 4th of July.

  10. Amber Dickerson Reply

    My favorite would probably be the Summer of 98 because it’s the first summer I actually “toured” and in my opinion truly experienced Phish for the first time ending with a stop in Limestone, Maine for Lemonwheel. Ah, the memories……..

  11. Doc Hollyday Reply

    Summer 99! Way too hot at Oswego but it was still a blast.

  12. Phil Ronan Reply

    Summer ’97. Did Burgettestown through Great Went with some amazing friends. The Bozos! Great times indeed.

  13. Kori C. Reply

    I don’t have a favorite, but I’m sure my husband does… Only I don’t want to ask him because this would make a great father’s day gift… So I’ll guess… Summer of ’99?

  14. Jimbo Reply

    Summer ’94 is just so smoking! Favorite summer tour

  15. Greg Trapani Reply

    2011 Early Summer Tour – lots of good stuff here

  16. Blair T. Reply

    Summer Tour is always great but ’98 was amazing as it ended with Lemonwheel!

  17. Eric G Reply

    Favorite tour was first, with first show…. 99 at Lakewood in ATL

  18. jvandellen Reply

    Summer 98, 99 and 2000 all pretty legendary if you ask me.

  19. Susan Rice Reply

    My favorite tour would be 2011, it my phirst phish tour. My dear phriend, Scottie, took me to 7 shows that summer and it was filled with nothing but the best of times!

  20. Christine Reply

    2003 because it was the first full tour I did! Had the time of my life. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Jason D Reply

    Summer ’97 for me!!

  22. Shane Reply

    It’s recent, but 2011 was my breakout year, personally. Caught a bunch of shows including Super Ball IX which forever changed me.

  23. Todd Reply

    Summer 98 was my fav by far! Rhinoceros!

  24. Gary Bell Reply

    Summer 1997 has been my favorite. The run that took me from Ventura to Shoreline to the first Gorge run was incendiary to say the least. The band was locked and loaded and delivered an amazing stretch od west coast jams!

  25. Zeke Reply

    Summer ’12. SPAC.

  26. Heidi ricker Reply

    Summer 2003. We went to the Gorge for the very first time right after we got married. Best! Show! Ever! So many friends we have met over the years of seeing Phish were there and made it even better! Thank Phish! You are the reason I have met so many amazing and wonderful people!

  27. Dave Reply

    Summer ’99 was lots of fun for lots of reasons. Foreplay > Longtime at Great Woods!

  28. Derek Reply

    Summer 1995. Great shows, progressive jamming.

  29. Andrew Blackstein Reply

    Summer Tour 2003… did almost the whole tour. Loved the drive from NY> The Gorge without stopping. Great Carini as the sun was glaring thru the back of the stage making the band look like they were on fire.

  30. Ben Reply

    Man… Tough choice. Summer ’97 was all killer, no filler… but Summer ’95 was so innovative and daring…

    Let’s split the difference and say Summer ’96. It might be worth it for the Clifford Ball ALONE 🙂

  31. David Shutan Reply

    My favorite summer tour was once ’98, as I loved the one off covers. But in 3.0, 2012 has actually taken the #1 spot for me. I did more shows than ever before (13), and hit some amazing venues, like BGCA. IMO, the boys really made a huge leap that year.

  32. Robert Reply

    98 for me, jagermeister and running with the devil in Atlanta!!

  33. Andy Clawson Reply

    Summer 1993. Good times.

  34. rob Reply

    Summer 98. Blissed out funk!

  35. Travis Reply

    Summer Tour 2000 was my first BIG tour hitting almost all shows. Great 4th of July show in Camden. Survived the police state in Holmdel NJ. Although I was already hooked this really blew up my love and affection for Phish Tour. Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome stuff! NAMASTE

  36. Panda Reply

    Summer ’98. Jukebox Tour, great playing, fun to be had. Ramble on! VERNON Down the House! Terrapin!!!!

  37. Steve D. Reply

    Summer 1999. Fireworks on July 4 in ATL, My first show. Spandex Fish. Debut of WTU. Red CK5. Deep dark dankness.

  38. KramkonG Reply

    I’d have to say 2003…Alpine has never danced so hard.

  39. MIghtyIcculus Reply

    Fall 2010 was really good to me. 10/30/10 will always be the best thing ever for me.

  40. Charlie Reply

    Summer 94, short summer tour but the guys were just rocking out ahead of treys wedding! Sugarbush run!!

  41. BrewsterApollo Reply

    I can’t decide!

    Summer 1997 – my first experience of Summer Phish

    Summer 2003 – the most shows I’ve seen on a summer tour… and, hey, that Gorge place is really cool!

    Summer 2012 – Long Beach-> SF. I had no idea 3.0 Phish was capable of such awesomeness!

  42. Tigg Orr Reply

    Wow, tough call! Gotta say ’94. Ending with my all-time fav show!

  43. Golgi73 Reply

    Summer 98 saw 1st 5 shows

    Summer 93 1st show

  44. Richard Reply

    Summer 93!

  45. Jerry McL. Reply

    I could argue for just about any summer tour, but my gut is telling me Summer ’95. My first show was in June at the Mann Music Center in Fairmount Park outside of Philly. I remember showing up a few hours early, seeing kids hanging all over the statues outside of the venue, and feeling that pheeling for the first time that I had entered a special, sacred, alternate realm. I had listened intently and almost exclusively to studio Phish for at least a year prior, so I was completely taken up by my heels and shaken out, wondering what the heck I was witnessing during this INSANE show (Spock’s Brain anyone?). I went home a changed person, and thus began my love affair with The Phish From Vermont.

  46. Anderson Reply

    ’98 for sure. Funknastiness

  47. Marshall Reply

    Summer ’97 because it was the American debut of Ghost.

  48. Justin Rose Reply

    Easily Summer ’98 for me. Saw my 1st D Sky in 2 years during a sunset at the Gorge, sensory spit Forb>Mock in NC, Sabotage in MD, Terrapin in VA Beach, and the Wheel!

  49. Koondog Reply

    Summer of ’98! So many fun covers!

  50. Kris Mitchell Reply

    Summer tour 1997. It’s hard to argue against the Gorge, Ventura, Deer Creek, Star Lake, Darien Lake and Great Went shows.

  51. Marty Barrett Reply

    Summer 2011. I saw the most shows of any tour that summer. Pine Knob>Blossom, SBIX, UIC x 3. All great shows. So much fun!! So pumped for this summer.

  52. Marty Barrett Reply

    Summer 2011. I saw the most shows of any tour that summer. Pine Knob>Blossom, SBIX, UIC x 3. All great shows. So much fun!! So pumped for this summer.

  53. Michael Hillson Reply

    have to go with summer ’99. 18/20 that tour! this was the real eye-opener for me as a traveling fan of the band.

  54. Joe Reply

    I think my favorite one to date is summer 97……..just because of the great went!

  55. Adam O'Connor Reply

    My fav is probably Summer ’95. I had no choice but to go on tour for my life’s safety. My car broke down in Philly so I attended both Mann Music Center shows. Then rode along the rest of the tour. When I got back home in Ohio I worked the rest of the summer to save money. Then come Sept 27th found myself at Cal Expo and toured with Phish the rest of ’95.

  56. Anthony Reply

    Summer ’98 – Jukebox Tour

  57. Mike Burns Reply

    Summer of 1999. Epic.

  58. Patrick Beale Reply

    Summer 1994—miss that Classic Amphitheater in Richmond, VA.

  59. chrisofcleve Reply

    Has to be summer of 1997. It was my first time seeing Phish. I was a wide-eyed kid where everything was new and phresh. Best summer of my life.

  60. Jeremy Reply

    Summer ’96 because I saw what sure felt like it would be the last ever show at red rocks, and the Clifford Ball!

  61. MikeI Reply

    The summer of 96 because of the epic Red Rocks stand.

  62. Jordan Reply

    Summer 2010 – Killing in the Name of to cap it off for me. My very first Summer t00r.

  63. sean Reply

    Summer ’98–Lemonwheel–>cities on the first night still blows my mind!

  64. Heath Reply

    European Tour of ’98 = Grey Hall, Lucerna Theatre followed by Zeleste. ¡Olé Olé Olé!

  65. Jason Levi Reply

    Summer 2003 was my first summer with Phish and I had amazing seats at Alpine Valley. I remember looking into Trey’s eyes during Bathtub Gin.

  66. Jon Reply

    Summer 2000- those june shows are hot fire.

  67. Mike C. Reply

    Summer of 1995 was a blast as it was my first real time following the band around from ATL>NC>VA and capped off with 2 amazing nights at Sugarbush. Easy to understand why I was hooked after that.

  68. Paul Miller Reply

    Summer 1999 – My first big summer tour instead of a couple of shows.

  69. BC Reply

    Summers ’97-’00 were all so great. But I think I would say summer of ’09 – which musically doesn’t compare to some others but simply because it felt so great to have this music back. it was truly JOYous.

  70. Richard Reply

    Summer 1999, baby!

  71. Bryan Reply

    Summer ’98…great times with great friends

  72. neil belanger Reply

    summer 97….funk tour of dreams

  73. Dana Reply

    Summer ’11…UIC and SBIX!!!

  74. Ben Erickson Reply

    Summer 2000

  75. Jared Reply

    Summer 2012! Was able to catch 10 shows and roadtripped up from Miami at the end of the summer to see Atlanta and Charlotte which was amazing!

  76. PG Reply

    Summer 95 – the last “Phish Phans Only” tour.

  77. Aweiss Reply

    Summer 98- the summer of covers and funk. Miss a night and you kick yourself for a week

  78. aikon.art Reply

    Summer 2011, mostly because of Charlotte (though Portsmouth wasn’t too shabby, either).

  79. Jason Reply

    Lincoln Nebraska encore Highway to Hell
    trippy night in Champagne
    Then weeks later Quadrophenia Halloween show

  80. Andrew Cizek Reply

    summer 99’s goopy psychedelia

  81. Tyler Reply

    Summer 2011… Gorge & Dick’s

  82. Bryan Reply

    The fun summer of 98

  83. Chris Reply

    Summer 97!! The funky goodness & my first show!!

  84. Michael Block Reply

    Summer 94…nuff said

  85. Multibeast Reply

    I gotta go with summer of ’98. Two words: Vernon Downs!

  86. tevieboy Reply

    1998 Vernon Down the House>Lemonwheel!

  87. todmandu Reply

    Summer 2000, moby dick!

  88. Jay Westensee Reply

    I’m gonna go with Summer 03. After the wave crashed in and before things got (really) weird. Often under appreciated.

  89. Stardog Reply

    Summer 97 has to be my personal fave cuz thats when I saw the most shows and the band was on phire, as you hear in the amazing Bowie>Cities>Bowies at Ventura, which might be the phunkiest jam ever… but Summer 98 may even have been better, putting it all together, and the Ventura 98 show was probably an even stronger overall show than the year before! And if you think that show is great, dial up the next night at Desert Sky on 7/21!

  90. Michael Howard Reply

    Summer 97. Split Open and Melt.

  91. Harpua Reply

    Summer 95′ a life changer

  92. Aaron Hartzler Reply

    Summer 2000-Alpine was my first show so I have a special place for it.

  93. Gary Reply

    Summer 2003 only because I loved IT. IT was a great time and last time at Limestone.

  94. zappafrank Reply

    My favorite was Summer ’09 because the Gorge was amazing!

  95. Parker Reply

    Summer 97, Trey’s tone that summer is what a humid, steamy summer sounds like to my ears, and that early funk was just sick

  96. pete Reply

    My favorite summer tour that I did was ’03 (noob), but musically, my hat goes off to 94. That shit is just bonkers

  97. nitrammadarm Reply

    1995 will always be the phinest of all time to me

  98. leetarded Reply

    Summer of 96 clifford ball started my love for phish

  99. Matt Riess Reply

    Summer 1999 it was my first Phishing experience.

  100. Chris Dollenmeyer Reply

    95. Best combo of experimentation & tight composed sections.

  101. Jeremiah Reply

    Summer ’94. They were so tight and the scene hadn’t blown up yet. Plus, I saw a few great shows that summer!

    • Josh Johnson Reply

      While 97 rules fall tours, 95 rules the summer.

    • K o'neill Reply

      Summer 97 although I only caught the great went. My pal Liggett had peeps at higher ground VT. We got back stage for sets 2&3 of night 2. I was sitting in the rafters above fishman looking out into a crowd of 80k for the 1st ever Hood glowstick battle. I’m on show #94 right now. 1st show Newark DE spring 94. Went night two easily top 5 show ever for me

  102. jeff klenske Reply

    Big fan of summer 2000

  103. Troy Laur Reply

    Summer 1999 is still it for me. The heat got hotter and started to stretch itself out.

  104. Will Packett Reply

    Summer 2000. As a young’un it was a shock to the system to see the traveling circus in full swing.

  105. Jonathan Reply

    Summer ’99

  106. Brad Reply

    Summer 98 was so fun because of the unexpected covers and coming off of the island tour

  107. Isaac Reply

    Summer of 2011 because that is when I saw my first show

  108. Topher Reply

    Summer 1997. The first summer I saw Phish.

  109. David Reply

    My favorite summer tour is 2009. The Alpine Valley shows. I had a strange (but positive) experience that weekend at the shows which culminated in getting home and my wife telling me we were having our first child. In hindsight, the weird things that happened during the weekend kind of hinted at the news I’d get when I got home. Super special summer.

  110. JB Reply

    I’ve always loved summer ’95 Phish. Recently listening to the Blossom release from 95. Great show.

  111. Tyler Reply

    duh summer ’97! i did almost the whole thing, and it changed my life. that gorge show when chris and trey turned the lights out for hood, the SICK austin blister in the sun show with gulloti, epic deer creeks, pranksters!, and the WENT. kind of cliche to crown it best but come on. also scotty b pick me!!! i’m broke and need this set! i remember the notes bouncing off the walls at ventura, the echoes adding a new flavor. im wondering if i’ll hear’em on tape. also i met a super fine honey who wanted to party after the show, but i screwed it up bad. the epic one that got away of my life. PRETTY PLEASE Y’ALL!

  112. Scotty G Reply

    Summer 1993–excellent intro to the West Coast.

  113. tyson Reply

    Going with 1995 my first phish experience.

  114. tyson Reply

    I have always enjoyed my Alpine-deer creek comb’s. Being from the midwest that is all I could afford each summer. But, I loved 99 cuz of the Deer Creek My left toe-Whipping Post! Epic moment when stars aligned.

  115. Josh Reply

    Summer ’98… Lemonwheel. Ah, the memories

  116. Chris Reply

    Summer 96!!! Overlooked because of what went down in 95 and 97 but 96 is the best year of Phish IMO

  117. Cody McInnes Reply

    Gotta go with 2012 I had such a great time a Dicks Everybody Loves Dicks!

  118. Frinkazoid Reply

    Gotta go with ’97 I finally broke free and hit the run from Dallas through through Gorge with a good group of friends, having fun on a western road trip full of adventure and seeing some of places I had always dreamed of. One of the shows we saw was Ventura 7/30. What a day, I was riding a skateboard around on the beachfront side walk and ran into childhood buddies from Asheville…what were the chances (actually pretty decent in those days, we all went separate ways but had the love of Phish to forever bond us) Great show, my first time being front row at a show, with “Antelope Greg” no less and what a doozy. The Cities bust out was f’ing epic, I recall the Bowie intro being quite extended with a lil vacuum thrown in for good measure…overall a tremendously fond memory from years ago that still sticks with me.

  119. mitchell Reply

    Summer 2000. It was personal.

  120. Al Reply

    Summer 2012, because I finally hit some shows!

  121. Fletch Reply

    Summer 1997, all the way!

  122. Fletch25 Reply

    Summer 98. Meeting up with so many people at Lemonwheel was amazing!

  123. Brent Reply

    It’s a close call, but I have to say 1995.

  124. Ben Reply


  125. abby Reply

    shoreline 95 was my first summer show- also the first show of the chess board. been hooked ever since

  126. Preston Reply

    I have loved every Phish show that I have attended, but 1997-98 are probably my favorites.

  127. Rick R Reply

    Summer Tour 96

  128. Chris Reply

    Summer 97!

  129. Charlie Reply

    summer 98 will always be my favorite. bachelor tour! kc, stl, and alpine ftmfw!

  130. Jess Reply

    Summer tour ’98 🙂

  131. Meghan Reply

    F yeah Summer ’98!

  132. Ryan Snyder Reply

    Summer ’96!

  133. Admiral French Pockets Reply

    Definitely Summer ’97! Only the Great Went!

  134. Alex Parrott Reply

    My favorite summer tour on tape has to be ’98. My favorite summer tour I was actually around for was 2012, where I caught Cincy through Deer Creek.

  135. ihop Reply

    not much of a struggle for me: summer ’94

  136. zuck Reply

    Summer 95 SPAC -> Sugarbush

  137. peter Reply

    Summer of ’98. Loved the covers. trenchtown rock!

  138. Ben Reply

    my favorite one that ive experienced is summer 2011. first time traveling out to CO to see them. but overall Summer 93 is my go to.

  139. Angelique Reply

    This summer!

  140. casey Reply

    97 was amazing. theyre all amazing.

  141. David Tinnon Reply

    Definitely summer ’97. i LOVE the walnut creek show

  142. Go Phish Reply

    Summer 97

  143. Rusty Reply

    Summer 97!

  144. Graham Reply

    Without a doubt Summer 94

  145. Nate Dyer Reply

    Summer Tour 98 was TOO much fun. Loved waiting to find the next shows debut performance

  146. Kimberlee Swift Reply

    Summer 1998, full of gems. The MpP show was fab!!

  147. sean st.onge Reply

    Summer 2009..Boys are back in town!

  148. Conor Reply

    As a 3.0 fan 2012 was great. Saw 10 shows and each one rocked. As far as the 30 years goes, 1995 is 1995 😉

  149. Jay Reply

    Summer of covers! 1998

  150. Chaakles Reply

    Summer 2003. Not for the music but for a few crazy experiences.

  151. Phil Reply

    It’s a draw between 94 and 95. I hit more shows in 95 and mud island in Memphis took the cake that year, but 94 was my first mini tour and the Big Birch show in Patterson NY was something so special – a wedding tent with wedding chairs, everyone folded the chairs and piled them up to make room for dancing…. I was next to Page’s Aunt and Uncle for most of the show…. and the Cavern> Wilson> Cavern set the stage for an EPIC Tweezer. It was just unreproducible.

  152. jpgorretta Reply

    Summer 2000. Caught Toronto which was awesome.

  153. Mike Horner Reply

    Favorite Phish Summer Tour was 1993.

  154. Max J Reply

    2012 was the first really great tour I got to see lots of shows on. SPAC was a great stand.

  155. JJ Booth Reply

    As a late blossomer into Phish, I have to say 2012 was a great Phish Summer for me. Was lucky enough to go all three nights in Bader Field and enjoy the great weather with some awesome shows.

  156. Pat Reply

    Summer 1998 FTMFW!

  157. Neil Reply

    Summer ’97!

  158. Shaune Kathleen Reply

    Summer of 99, first tour of college break and we had the whole world at our fingertips….magical times. Oswego was damn HOT!!!!! xoxo

  159. Nate Reply

    Finding Phish during their hiatus, my favorite tour that I got to experience had to be 09 simply for the glory of my first phish shows (purely selfish reasons). But 97 to me has to be when they sounded the tightest/explored the most/ really phunked it up.

  160. Dan Mielcarz Reply

    Summer 95, of course!

  161. MSVZ Reply

    I’ll have to go with summer 2000 based purely on the all-time jam/space-funk oddysey that I witnessed as the sun set on us in the ATL at Lakewood during the first set Tweezer on 6/24!

  162. Luke Anderson Reply

    MY Favorite Summer Tour Is 1998, Since That Was My First Year Of Phish.

  163. Margery Reply

    My favorite was 2009, because that’s the first year I traveled for Phish! My life has been forever changed since!!!

  164. Tim Murphy Reply

    Summer tour ’95 was definitely my favorite year. I remember the sugarbush shows like it was yesterday

  165. Ed OSullivan Reply

    Summer of 98. Pure Fire !!

  166. Matt Reply

    Summer ’93, specifically August. I caught 3 shows and they were filled with super tight playing, great energy from the boys and the phans, and some phishyness.

  167. Dave Reply

    Summer 1999

  168. Scott Reply

    My favorite summer tour was actually 2012. I have to give it the nod over earlier, more celebrated summers from 1.0 because I was a bit too young to see very many shows at that time. I managed to hit 7 or 8 hows this past summer and all were beautiful experiences. Dicks ’12 changed my life! So many good shows 🙂

  169. Matthew M. Reply

    The oft-discredited summer of ’99, mainly because that was the tour that I got to see a ton of. My favorite Phish moment came during that run – Camden, 7.10.99, Chalk Dust – absolute BLISS!

  170. chad gauerke Reply

    Summer 1996, Red Rocks, To Clifford Ball. Amazing!

  171. Mike F Reply

    My favorite Phish summer tour would be 1994, specifically June. One of the first Phish jams I ever heard was 6/18/94 Bowie>Mind Left Body>Bowie. At the time I didn’t think music this good could even exist. Needless to say when they released it last year I nearly had a heart attack with excitement.

    Not only that show, but the rest of that month was pure insanity and it carried over well into July (a la 7/16/94 Hood)

  172. Andrew Reply

    1999!!! I did almost the whole summer your!

  173. Jordan R Reply

    Summer 2003 was an interesting time. Caught a lot of shows, especially the Charlotte > IT run, and in a nutshell…things got a little weird.

  174. Jason Hambley Reply

    Summer 97 and Summer 98, did both entire tours. Time of my life.

  175. mark H Reply

    ’99, my first summer doing any type of tour. The sights, smells and sounds made it so much more significant. Hopped on at VA Beach until Holmdel which included my 18th birthday at GW. Plus, having some epic throwdowns helped, VA Beach Fee, MPP Mike’s>Twist, CAMDEN, GW both night and Holmdel spectaculars. Hope we get some more official releases from that tour. Wish I had been out West for ’97 but finally glad we can get a good (Non-windy) sounding SBD of the show!

  176. Alan Reply

    Summer ’98! I was at Ventura, and caught a few shows on the west coast before heading to Vernon Downs at the end of the summer. What a great summer!

    • Bryce Reply

      Summer 1998. Lemonwheel was wonderful.

  177. Zach Reply

    Summer 1998!

  178. Jenni Reply

    Summer 1997–Ken Kesey at Darien Lake? So memorable!

  179. Ryan Stanley Reply

    For me, my first full tour (and still to this date the one in which I saw the most shows) was summer ’94. It started with the 7/2/94 show at what was then called The Garden State Arts Center and with the exception of the Canadian shows that summer (and ironically the 7-8-94 Gamehenge show) went all the way to Sugarbush. I was 19 and can honestly say that it was one of my best summers ever. Thanks Hidden Track!

  180. Molly Thatcher Reply

    My first summer tour 2009, when the boys got back together again!

  181. Nick Reply

    Summer 98. My first phish show ever at Shoreline. And nugs.net posted the whole tour for download online, so I’ve been listening to summer 98 for years. Wasn’t at Ventura either year, but the friend that got me into Phish saw his first two shows at Ventura, so I’d have to give Ventura 97/98 the assist in the birth of my fanhood.

  182. Trippero Reply

    Summer 2000 because I saw 14 shows and had a blast at some of the best venues in the U.S.

  183. Amy Reply

    ’97 was heaven

  184. Zakk Reply


  185. Jason Reply

    2013, because they keep getting better, and so do I. Also, ’98.

  186. Jason Embry Reply

    Summer 98

  187. mcsnyc Reply

    Summer 98! First shows ever. Burning down the house!

  188. Nikolai Reply

    Summer 2012 – first full tour. Sweet Jane, Dog Log, Shaggy Dog, Shafty, Old Home Place, Skin It Back, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Avenu Malkenu, Bittersweet Motel, Purple Rain, Psycho Killer, Cracklin Rosie, LaGrange, FYF show, etc… Need I say more?

  189. Mike B. Reply

    Summer Tour 1997 was the best….incredible music, great venues, great people. What a tour!

  190. jelleyhead Reply

    Favorite tour = Summer ’97. Only saw the Ventura show but have that whole tour on disc for long drives.

  191. Darren Reply

    Summer 1998… I mean who’s not nostalgic about their first, right? My live Phish experience kicked off at the Gorge that summer and that was it….

  192. Yuval Reply

    Summer ’98 — Summer of Covers, and we got Terrapin Station.

  193. Jason Levi Reply

    Summer of ’03, my first summer tour!

  194. Ryan Reply

    Summer 98 – Loved both nights at Deer Creek and made lifetime memories that will never fade away.

  195. Mike Lambe Reply

    Lots of well-deserved love for ’98, but my vote goes to Summer 1996, which laid the groundwork for many summers to come. Went to Hershey and the Clifford Ball, unforgettable experience.

  196. Justin Reply

    ’03 for the wild Camden show. Sad no stop there in 2013.

  197. Ouish Reply

    Summer 96. It’s when I finally GOT IT.

  198. nuttyriv3r Reply

    Summer ’97 of course.

  199. luke lagraff Reply

    Summer ’99! All was breezin’!

  200. Adam Kahan Reply

    Ventura 98…Sexual Healing!

  201. Jeff Volckhausen Reply

    Summer 97 for me, completely gets over looked by Fall 97. Summer 97 was a warm up funk party for what would come that following Fall.

    Runner up: Summer 94. GAMEHENDGE!

  202. AK Reply

    Europe 96

  203. Jc Reply

    Summer 97 all the way!

  204. Yesgoz Reply

    Summer 98

  205. chrislane Reply

    though i only saw the great went: summer 1997.

  206. Zane Reply

    summer 97

  207. Jason Reply

    My favorite summer tour, by far, was/is Summer 1995.

  208. Mike Reply

    Summer 95. First summer with phish 🙂

  209. Ricky Reply

    Summer ’09. I was late to get into Phish, and never thought I would be able to see them. The reunion was a dream come true.

  210. Matt Reply

    Summer of ’09 because I was a Coventry and never thought that I’d see it happen.

  211. Leo Reply

    Summer ’98

  212. Richard Reply

    Fall ’98, b/c of Halloween

  213. Josh Reply

    summer 98

  214. silt Reply

    Summer 94 is my favorite.

  215. Michael Mason Reply

    Summer ’96.

  216. Drew Reply

    Summer 2000!

    FIrst live show! PNC Arts Center in NJ. They launched into Chalkdust and I was hooked. Saw them 3 times that summer and have seen’em at 30 times since. Damn fine time.

  217. John Reply

    I saw 10 shows apiece in 99 and 00, but seeing 6.17.11 in my hometown and getting my first Forbin’s / Mockingbird + Icculus (!) was more than I ever expected. They even talked about my neighborhood, NoDa! So, even though I only saw that one show in 2011, it’ll always be my favorite summer tour.

  218. CashCrowe Reply

    I’m kind of a noob, so I’ll say Summer ’11. If for no other reason than that magical Memorial Day Weekend at Bethel Woods!

  219. BRYANT Reply

    Summer 97′ start/stop Phunk! “I could Really Use More Cowbell!!!”

  220. T Reply

    Summer 98

  221. Tyler Reply


    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      Picking the winners (using random.org) tomorrow. good luck!

  222. Gaines Reply

    Would say summer 98 but I didn’t go cause I was 7. So, I will have to say 2012. ::Shields body from flying tomatoes::

  223. Steve in Maine Reply

    Summer ’97 FTW.

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