Tesla: Into The Now

Despite the fact that Tesla was originally named after inventor Nikola Tesla, the Sacramento based five-piece certainly were not the most original band of their time. Constructing a dose of gutsy melodic metal they sounded a bit Aerosmith and a tad Led Zepppelin. This was indeed everyday fare in the late 80’s early 90’s, but compared to the mindless schlock of the Cinderellas and Poisons that surrounded; Tesla rocked with more authority than any other band fronted by a Rikki, Kip, Traci or Janie.

After a ten-year recording hiatus, the five piece – featuring all original members – have returned with Into The Now. With true marksmanship, the band has always excelled with its niche of slow rockers, featuring seasoned vocals and jubilant choruses. Songs like “Come To Me” and “Caught in a Dream” allow lead singer Jeff Keith to belt his trademark raspy leads, falling in line with Tesla classics “Love Song” and “What You Give.” Although the band churns out mid 90’s industrial metal on the two openers – “Into The Now” and “Look @ Me” – it’s these compositions with their stormy grit, that sound a decade behind. Tesla shines when they remain true to their rootsy hold your lighter up anthems, which present inspirational sing along choruses. Guitarists Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch prove they are two of rock’s finest guitar tandems, as their diverse styles shake these twelve new originals back and forth between dark and melodic. For a band that’s taken significant time off from the studio, Into The Now, long hair and all, is a sharp return to form for Tesla.

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