Yoav: Charmed & Strange

The first time this author saw a musician (Howie Day, as it was) put together a complete band with only his voice, guitar, and a looper pedal, he was completely blown away.  Since that time, numerous others, in coffee shops and clubs alike, have followed in Day’s footsteps, most with not nearly the impact.

Yoav, though, is something different.  The guy has a voice capable of – or perhaps pushed to be – all things: he sounds just as good singing in falsetto as in a gravelly, crooner-ish voice.  But his appeal is far more than that – his instrumentation is powerfully compelling. Again, this is someone whose band consists of his guitar and a pedal – and yet, some of his songs manage to have the same atmospheric, mysterious power as some of the best U2 songs (think Joshua Tree).  Seriously.

Stand-out tracks include “Club Thing” – a completely haunting, beautifully catchy work about celebrity – as well as the slower, more melodic “One by One,” “There is Nobody,” and the achingly exquisite “Beautiful Lie.” 

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