Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Farewell From The Original Hidden Track Team

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If you’re a regular reader of Hidden Track you know that our love for The Band runs very deep. The five-piece is on our Mount Rushmore of musical acts. So when it came to putting together the final handful of posts there seemed to be only one way for the original Hidden Track  to really sign off from Team HT and that was with a performance of their most iconic tune –  The Weight. While it may be a bit sacrilege to not go out with their version from The Last Waltz, I thought I’d share this fiery and inspired take of the tune from 1970’s infamous Festival Express tour that features Levon, Robbie, Rick, Garth and Richard in their prime.

Before we get to the clip, I just wanted to personally thank all of our readers for helping us grow Hidden Track not only into a great destination site for music news, reviews and opinions, but for helping us to foster a community through our social media pages as well. Since joining Hidden Track full-time in February of 2008, it’s been a great honor to work alongside our esteemed leader, Scott Bernstein, to help him craft our voice and vision, while getting to write about the music that inspired me, as well as getting to cover Newport Folk, SXSW, Solid Sound and more for Hidden Track. This has truly been an amazing opportunity for me, and want to thank him for bringing me aboard, editing my run-on sentences and questionable grammar judgement. Also want to thank all of our great contributors, many of whom become I’ve great friends with. Looking forward to what’s to come as we move on over to JamBase.

So without further Freddy adieu, here’s The Band. Take it away boys…

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6 thoughts on “Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Farewell From The Original Hidden Track Team

  1. voopa Reply

    So long, and thanks for all the Phish!

  2. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    Thanks for informing me of the differences between the Felice Brothers and the Avett Brothers.

  3. DL Reply


    We’ve been readers and fans of Hidden Track ever since the beginning. Congrats on a great run with the site and we look forward to keeping up with you and the boys on Jambase. Great choice on the final vid too!


  4. Ryan Reply


    It’s been such a pleasure to read your work over the years, since way back in the ‘Hits from the Blog’ days. All that was needed back then was a Blogspot account to be ahead of the curve, and much has changed. Hidden Track, frankly, was the perfect site because it bridged the gap from the old school “no corporate” blogosphere world to the current world of social media and sponsors while still maintaining a personal account touch from a true fan’s perspective. And you, my friend, are a true fan. Best of luck in the future with JamBase!

    And great last video!


  5. Ryan Reply

    Haha. Sorry Jeff!! I of course meant you!!

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