“So What’s the Deal with ‘Sharknado’?” (Said in Seinfeld Voice)


Seriously, what? As Rolling Stone reports, the Syfy original disaster-monster movie Sharknado caused a major ruckus on Twitter. Everybody from regular geeks to geeky celebrities hopped on the Tweet Machine and delivered their zingiest one-liners about the film, which apparently concerns a trio of shark-tornados that ravage Los Angeles.

Umm, that sounds pretty awesome. “#Sharknado” eventually became a trending topic on Twitter, so you know it must really be awful-genius.

The only remaining question is, “When does this air again?” (Also, “How did we miss it?”) (Also, is it “better” than Snakes on a Plane? Also, is that possible?)

Did anybody see this thing? Sound off in the comments section.

Here’s the Sharknado trailer:

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2 Responses

  1. WTF?!?! What does this movie have to do with anything in the music scene. And the fact that this is just a repost of a Rolling Stone article shows your lack of effort. Very sad indeed.

  2. Snakes On A plane is Oscar material compared to Sharknado. The kids and I watched the first 20 – 30 minutes last night and even they couldn’t take more.

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