Check Out ‘Comrade,’ a Magnificent New Volcano Choir Track

Volcano Choir

Photo Credit: Cameron Wittig

Justin Vernon is arguably the busiest man in alternative music. When he isn’t taking the indie world by storm with his main project, Bon Iver, he’s playing in low-key side-projects like The Shouting Matches and producing albums by folks like The Blind Boys of Alabama. These days, it’s kinda hard to remember what’s a side-project and what isn’t. Whatever, he makes a lot of really great music with a lot of people.

Volcano Choir, his collaboration with Collections of Colonies of Bees, will release their sophomore LP, Repave, on September 3rd. Fans will be blown away by the full album (It’s a major leap forward), but until then, check out the official audio for a new track, “Comrade.”

It’s a sonic journey, morphing from loopy art-rock atmospherics to a rattling, tear-streaked crescendo. It’s pretty magnificent.

Pitchfork posted the lyrics, which are in line with Vernon’s typical poetic abstractions. (Lyrically, his songs work on an emotional and instinctual level, rather than a literal level.) We have to take issue, though: It sure sounds like he sings, “Eat the fuckin’ cornbread” at the end.

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