A Perfect Circle Share ‘By and Down,’ Their First New Song in a Decade

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle have finally shared “By and Down,” their first new song in nearly a decade. The proggy track (available to stream over at Spin) finds Maynard James Keenan’s eerie cries wafting over midnight-black art-metal atmospherics, exploding toward the end in a gorgeous spiral of psychedelic guitars.

The track, written after the band’s return from a five-year hiatus, is included on the band’s upcoming greatest hits package, Three Sixty (out November 19th on Universal Music Enterprises).

The tracklists for the standard and deluxe versions of Three Sixty are below:

Standard Edition

1.    The Hollow
2.    Judith
3.    Orestes
4.    3 Libras
5.    Weak And Powerless
6.    The Noose
7.    The Outsider
8.    Blue
9.    When The Levee Breaks
10. Imagine
11. Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
12. Passive
13. By And Down

Deluxe Edition

Disc 1

1.    The Hollow
2.    Rose
3.    Judith
4.    Orestes
5.    3 Libras
6.    The Package
7.    Weak And Powerless
8.    The Noose
9.    The Outsider
10.  Blue

Disc 2

1.    Imagine
2.    Passive
3.    People Are People (live)
4.    Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
5.    When The Levee Breaks
6.    By And Down
7.    3 Libras (live)
8.    Gravity (live)
9.    Fiddle and The Drum (live)

Below, check out a live version of the track:

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