Peter Gabriel Releases Newly Mixed Version of ‘Courage,’ a Lost ‘So’ Gem

Peter Gabriel

If, like me, you’re a massive Peter Gabriel nerd, you probably already purchased the massive 25th anniversary box set edition of Gabriel’s 1986 masterpiece, So. And if you did, you’ve already been treated to a handful of alternate versions and rarities, including a stellar, unreleased gem called “Courage.” But even if you didn’t sell your kidney to afford the box set, there’s still good news: “Courage” is will be available as a digital single on iTunes tomorrow, November 5th (unless you live in the U.K. — in which case, go buy it now).

The track is one of many leftovers from the legendary So sessions (along with the formative groove of “Sagrada,” which ultimately wound up — in melodic form — as part of “In Your Eyes”). But unlike most of that material, “Courage” is a proper, finished song — it’s remarkable it wasn’t released as a b-side at some point.

This new single version features a mix from Tchad Blake, along with new overdubs from Gabriel and guitarist David Rhodes. It’s one of the most infectious, pop-oriented tracks from the So era, with a slick ’80s sheen, a powerful chorus melody, and a funky rhythm section (especially the wobbly bass of Tony Levin).

“When So drew to a close, I didn’t feel the song was delivering in the way I had hoped, so decided not to include it,” Gabriel says on his website, where you can purchase the song. “When we were reviewing all the material from that time, we wanted to take a fresh look at it and get it finished. I always liked the track and very much enjoyed the playing on it, especially the energy of the drums.”

The following teaser features Gabriel’s longtime engineer, Richard Chappell, talking about the track’s evolution (starting around the 4:40 mark).

It’s been a good year for Gabriel: Most recently, he’s been touring Europe with the Back to Front tour (where he’s unveiled a new song, “Why Don’t You Show Yourself”). He also scored a (much deserved) nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Also, since you’re in the Gabriel mood, check out my list of the maestro’s 10 Best Costumes.

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