Air Traffic: Fractured Life


Air Traffic have revealed that their music “sounds like nobody else,” which might be the case if Snow Patrol, Coldplay and Keane were still playing the pub circuit.  Air Traffic’s debut album, Fractured Life, which was released last summer in England before its February American release, gives the listeners more of what we’ve heard before in reference to the above mentioned bands.

Lead singer Chris Wall gives a good go sa the heart-on the sleeve lead singer, but there’s a problem when ballads like "Empty Space" and "Time Goes By” come off as clearly forgettable.  Meanwhile, up temp rockers “Come On,” and “Charlotte” come off as just ok and lack urgency.

 However, when the band uses the piano as an attack instrument in “I Like That,” Air Traffic sounds like they are building their own sound, until you get to the Kaiser Chief sounding “Get In Line.”  But it’s that use of piano, particularly in “Just Abuse Me” that shows Air Traffic moving away from the repetitive rhythms of their shaggy peers.  “Shooting Star” has some interesting musicianship, “Never Even Told Me Her Name” rings with a catchy 70s’ glam rock theme and  while “Time Goes By” captures the full sound of Muse, there is hope for this group of sub 25 year olds from Bournemouth to experiment and grow.

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