I’m Counting Out Time: Phil Collins Considering Genesis Reunion

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Phil Collins

This news is so much tastier than leftover stuffing: Phil Collins is “thinking about” coming out of retirement — and he’s even open to reuniting with his old band, prog-pop icons Genesis. Collins broke the news to German outlet Bild Am Sommtag last week (and it was subsequently picked up by The Guardian).

“I have started thinking about doing new stuff,” the legendary drummer/vocalist said while attending the Stuttgart premiere of stage musical Tarzan, based on the Disney cartoon soundtracked by Collins. “[Maybe playing] some shows again, even with Genesis. Everything is possible. We could tour in Australia and South America. We haven’t been there yet.”

Holy. Shit.

The last time Collins played with Genesis was 2007. The drummer/singer reunited with keyboardist Tony Banks and bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford (along with touring members Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer) for a major tour (chronicled on the live DVD When in Rome). The seeds of that reunion can be traced back to 2005, when the band considered a full-fledged reunion of the early ’70s line-up (with singer Peter Gabriel and guitarist Steve Hackett) to perform the 1974 double-LP opus The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. When Gabriel eventually declined, the trio line-up moved forward.

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Collins’ last solo album, 2010’s Going Back, was a tribute to the Motown favorites that inspired him as a young musician. He hasn’t released an album of new material since 2002’s Testify (which is, unfortunately, also the worst album in his catalogue). Over the last few years, Collins has been focusing on raising his young children and, well, obsessing over the Alamo. He hasn’t played on-stage since 2010, mostly due to a devastating neck injury that left him barely able to grip his drum sticks.

After some depressing (and probably tongue-in-cheek) comments he made during an interview with Rolling Stone, the media ran wild with rumors that Collins was suicidal. He also seemed disillusioned with the music industry and his position as a critical whipping boy. When specifically asked about his drumming, he had a decidedly bleak outlook: “I was going to stop drumming anyway,” he said. “I had stopped. I don’t miss it.”

But let’s hope Collins actually decides to make good on his new comments. While it’s unlikely he’ll be able to play the drums on-stage, a Genesis reunion with is very much doable.

The most likely scenario would be a reunion of the ’80s touring line-up:

1) Collins – vocals, percussion, Tony Banks – keyboards, Mike Rutherford – guitars, basses, Daryl Stuermer – guitars, basses, Chester Thompson – drums

Then again, Steve Hackett has been touring the country as Genesis Revisited, and he’s even released a couple albums of reworked Genesis tunes. He’s always been the most vocal about his love of Genesis material, and it would be great to see him included in a reunion. I can’t imagine him adding his spacey guitar tone to, say, “Invisible Touch,” but it would be a lot of fun.

2) Collins – vocals, percussion, Tony Banks – keyboards, Mike Rutherford – basses, Steve Hackett – guitars, Chester Thompson – drums

Also, what really needs to happen is a one final Genesis album. Come on, guys: You have to redeem the mediocre yawn-song that is 1997’s Calling All Stations. Please. I’ll start a PledgeMusic campaign if it helps.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Counting Out Time: Phil Collins Considering Genesis Reunion

  1. steve Reply

    that is because you dont understand calling all stations and never been depressed or you might atleast like it.ryan reed you music critics lack any deep understanding of anything

  2. steve Reply

    it made me cry because i understand the song ryan

  3. Al Reply

    I don’t see a reunion of the “classic” Genesis line-up happening. If Phil can’t drum, then there will be no reunion with Gabriel and Hackett. And they aren’t going to leave Daryl Stuermer out of a “pop” Genesis reunion and include Hackett in his place. The most I see happening is a reunion of the Banks/Collins/Rutherford/Stuermer/Thompson pop line-up with Gabriel and Hackett maybe guesting on a few dates.

  4. Loanshold.xyz Reply

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