Watch Jessie Frye’s New Video “Never Been to Paris” – Premiere

“’Never Been to Paris’, the newest single off Denton, TX-born Jessie Frye’s Obsidian, exposes the breadth of her lyrical experimentation. The song was also indirectly influenced by a particularly bad breakup Frye experienced. ‘I wrote ‘Never Been to Paris’ because I have this subscription to W magazine. I would just look at these photographs of these beautiful models and designers. It started to become this daydream world of mine, having these faraway thoughts in this place I wish I could be. Daydreaming about a place that isn’t real made me feel better about the relationship I was in. I made up these scenarios that were inspired by the photographs in the magazines, which is the lyrics to the song.'” Dreamy and otherworldly, Frye’s songwriting transports effortlessly.”

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4 thoughts on “Watch Jessie Frye’s New Video “Never Been to Paris” – Premiere

  1. Richard Gilbert Reply

    Please fix the Jessie Frye video so we can watch it. It is html code.

    • Richard Reply

      Great video!!! Thanks

  2. Sara White Reply

    Please fix the “never been to Paris” video (Jessie Frye). We, the peeps, have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Well, and it’s just cruel to dangle it so closely out of our reach : )

  3. mary dermid Reply

    Yay Jessie!!

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