PlayRadioPlay!: Texas


Daniel Hunter is just 18 and he cuts class on occasion (“My Attendance is Bad”) and likes Jello (“Jello”). The brains, voice, producer, and one-man band behind PlayRadioPlay! appears to also love  Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service), as he’s a dead ringer for the Seattle artist’s emo voice and gentle beat filled electronic pop.  On Texas, the self-confessed control freak, makes electro-pop songs that are impressive for a teenager, yet load up on much of the raw guitar, frantic keyboards and programmed beats that are so abundant today.

Lyrically Texas is jargon for the "Hot Topic" crowd as he writes of his girlfriend leaving for college (“Madi Don’t Leave’) and going on tour (“Some Crap About Furniture”). The compositions  aren’t as bubble-gum as one would expect, as Hunter like another musical moniker (Bright Eyes)  before him, can nail a four minute song (“Loco Commotion”) but is still a few bold compositions away from being solid.  Give the kiddo a few years and PlayRadioPlay! will be more than an artist with a big MySpace following.

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