Song Premiere: The Black Cadillacs- “Radio Silence”

The Black Cadillacs are a blues-based indie rock band from Knoxville, TN. With members from each of Tennessee’s major cities, the state’s famous sounds are well represented. Nashville’s recent brand of rock ‘n’ roll revival, Memphis’ soul, and Knoxville’s roots music combine to form an authentic and original sound.

First cousins, Will Horton and Matthew Hyrka, founded the band with lifelong friend and neighbor, Philip Anderson. In 2009 the lineup was completed with the additions of John Phillips and Adam Bonomo. The Black Cadillacs have a sound all to their own with diverse influences such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queens Of The Stone Age, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The band is premiering on Glide the composition “Radio Silence” from The Sputnik Sessions (Nashville, TN) which was recorded at a Grammy award winning studio with producer Mitch Dane. Says Horton about the track: “My writing generally stems from personal experience and Radio Silence comes from experiencing the feeling of, “What’s next?” Once something or someone has occupied so much of your time, and it runs its course, how do you function? It’s a daunting but all-around a freeing emotion.”

The Black Cadillacs are looking forward to their upcoming appearances at the Hangout Music Festival this weekend and Bonnaroo in June.


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