Bayside: The Walking Wounded


In like Alkaline Trio with title track "The Walking Wounded" and out like Brand New on closing track "(Pop)Ular Science," Bayside have done it again-absolutely nothing–on their latest and far from greatest third full length. Even with this albums layers of sound and decent production quality, Bayside remain your quintessential middle of the road pop-rock band who have little to nothing to offer in terms of originality and a lot to offer if you’re in the mood for a fifth rate pop-rock band.  It’s as if their only source of musical inspiration for this album was their last 2 albums and if you’re going to imitate yourself, you better be damn good to begin with. To put it simply I’m boring myself just talking about this band and this album.

However on a positive note – the running theme throughout this disc is the idea of braving the storms of life’s difficult situations and the notion that in time your wounds will heal and everything will be A-OK. How sweet…and I agree – time for the most part does heal all wounds and at the 46 minute and 10 second mark when this album finally came to an end, I cracked a smile filled with optimism and relief. At that moment I knew I wouldn’t have to listen to this album again. Things are getting better already.

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