Clinic’s latest batch of punchy British psychedelia, Do It!, is just about what you would expect from a jagged band who imbue a hazy sonic vision. The 11 tracks pulse with a classic fuzz-toned guitar, an acid-drenched set of rock songs that could’ve faired just as well on late-60s radio as it can today.

Harpsichord introduces the plodding guitar and surreal organ of “Memories,” and sinister Spahn Ranch high jinx play out on “Tomorrow,” the sullen harmonica recalling the soundtrack of a dusty Western film. But it is the stoned-punk bravado of “Shopping Bag” and the reverb-soaked “Free Not Free” that pledge Clinic’s unequivocal connection to its acid-tongued forefathers, two gems that shine bright among this gloriously rough-hewn, rambunctious collection.

Despite its retro feel, Do It! doesn’t sink to imitation, but rather finds a new voice in the swirling majesty kaleidoscope textures of bygone days, with attitude to spare.

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