SONG PREMIERE: SCIENTIST – “Deep Down (Soul Glow Activatur Phenomenon Remix)”

Austin-based pop/rock band SCIENTIST emerge from the studio with World EP: Mobile Lab Remix Edition available August 19th, 2014. The follow up to their debut World EP released in 2012, the album features remixes by Derek Webb, Chad Howat (Paper Route), Darren King (Mutemath) and Solomon Olds (Family Force 5) amongst others.

World EP: Mobile Lab Remix Edition derived from The Experiment, a feature on the SCIENTIST website that encouraged fans, bands or anyone to cover one of their songs in their own style and SCIENTIST would do the same in return.

“We got some AMAZING takes on our tunes,” explains singer-songwriter/guitarist Jesse Schaefer who along with Brandon DuBois forms the band nucleus. “Based on The Experiment, we decided to contact some of our favorite musicians and ask to hear their take on our songs, and thus, World EP: Mobile Lab Remix Edition was created.”

Inspired by The Killers and Passion Pit, the five original songs are pop rock to the core and wrapped with an electronic bow. “We’re honored to have remixes from some of the artists we look up to most on this special edition of World EP. To hear their takes on Scientist songs expands the depth of each song exponentially. And it makes it all a little more nerdy too; just like we like it.”

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