The Floozies- Crossroads KC, Kanas City, MO 7/25/15 (SHOW REVIEW)

“Funk Street present by The Floozies” was grooving full steam at The Crossroads in Kansas City as the duo continued to honor their Kansas City/ Lawrence hometown family of fans. Friday the crowd was subject to yet another massive dance party conducted by the talented Hill brothers, as their livetronica act showcased guitar and drums to an EDM beat.

The Floozies have been performing live shows together for just a few years now, and continue to pump out remixes, EP’s and singles that fans can listen to for free on their SoundCloud page, or for a one-click free download visit Their newest album Tell Your Mother was released not too long ago on Griz’s up and coming label Mad Liberation. The Floozies’ shows are always unique as their set lists are selected one by one, improv style on the flow. If you were to blend Lettuce, Griz, Gramatik, and Zoogma together you would wind up with a Floozies’ track.


The openers started performing around 6:30, with Purusa getting the small crowd moving and signaling to the parking lots that the show was underway. The crowd was thin, but would grow at about the same rate as the shaded area with the sun setting over the Kansas City skyline. Late Night Radio took the stage after about a 10 minute set break, and drowned the crowd with his soulful styled EDM that separates him from most producers in the game today. He churned out a couple old tracks, along with a few from his newest album, “Soap Box” as well as some up-tempo remixes to finish off his 40 minute set.

The Exmag trio took the stage next, the only other livetronica act on the evenings lineup. The funk got real throughout their set as they grooved the crowd in and out of their own tracks, as well as their BIG Lettuce & Griz remixes the crowd really got down to. Transitioning from livetronica, back to DJ/producer, is made easy when Manic Focus is in charge of the switch. Within the hybrid sound he dishes out you’ll find some jazz, funk, soul, hip hop and dubstep; which are all intertwined together with perfection. Towards the end of his set, he twirled the crowd through some old school remixes like KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes”, Parliament’s “We Want the Funk” as well as a funked up version of Disclosure’s massive track “Latch”. Needless to say the openers did more than their part in getting the crowd lubed up and ready for the Main Event.


The Floozies took the stage around 10:30, as the crowd’s attendance peaked just behind the soundboard. A stunning array of lasers and spotlights beamed at the crowd as Funk Street detoured into Galactic Lane. The Floozies have found themselves in a niche within the EDM culture as a livetronica act which incorporates live instrumentation during their shows along with in their production. Song after song, the “hometown” duo jumped from a funkytown-esk feel to a nightclubbing whomp, busting out the gnarliest hybrid tunes west of the arch. These guys have been a huge success at festivals throughout the last couple of years, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s had the thrill to catch them live within their explosion into the dance music and festival worlds. Along with several of their most commonly played songs, the crowd was treated with The Floozies’ massive remixes of Toto’s “Africa” and The Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street”, which both could have never ended, and it would still be too soon. Music wrapped up around midnight as most fans headed to an after party that hosted a couple of local DJ’s as well as the lineup in it’s entirety by the night’s end.

For those who have yet to witness a live set by ANY of the artists on this lineup, hesitate no more as their legitimacy has been verified. From gates opening through the last song there wasn’t much keeping patrons from having a great night and indulging in quite the display of EDM’s finest funk.

 Photos by Phil Carkin

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