Low Vs. Diamond: Low Vs. Diamond


Low Vs. Diamond haven’t set out to change the world with their self titled full length debut, in fact the LA quintet probably won’t change anybody’s lives either.  But that’s not to say that they wouldn’t make the ideal opening band for Coldplay on their upcoming tour.

With an expansive palette of big stage anthem songs stretching from the sweet (“Don’t Forget Sister”) and arena rockers (“Killer B”), Low Vs. Diamond evoke little in terms of originality but make up for it with their soaring melodies and ringing guitars.  Although the band hails from LA, they share more in common with British rockers Snow Patrol or Keane. 

Front man Lucas Field nails his vocal turns, whether on the piano ballad “Annie” the flashy rocker “Cinema Tonight” or the hook filled pump up “Heart Attack.” Once Low Vs. Diamond cement their niche and get that song in film or television, they’ll be more than just another one of those bands sounding curiously familiar.

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