Youth Group: The Night Is Ours


Rarely, if ever, should a band be compared to the Beatles. However, ever so often a group comes along that is so fab-four influenced, it is unavoidable and these darlings of Australia, Youth Group, fall into this category.  With a Beatles ’65/’66 influence, the band writes songs akin to “Nowhere Man” and “Rain”.   In other words, they produce music using abstract metaphors which leaves room for listener interpretation.  Best known for their Alphaville cover of “Forever Young” – which appeared on the teenage drama The OC – the Sydney-based quartet is steadily making their presence known outside their native home. With complex yet pop-friendly arrangements, the band falls into the same Indie-pop genre as Death Cab For Cutie and the Shins, as Night Is Ours continues down the same path they started with their debut.

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