Tony Engelhart

Youth Group: The Night Is Ours

Rarely, if ever, should a band be compared to the Beatles. However, ever so often a group comes along that is so fab-four influenced, it is unavoidable and these darlings of Australia, Youth Group, fall into this category.

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Tom Brosseau: Grand Forks

With impassionate lyrics, simple guitar compositions and his unusually high voice Santa Monica singer/songwriter Tom Brosseau has built a loyal following primarily centered on a solo acoustic format that is akin to Woody Guthrie.

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The Mellors: Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest

Emerging from the rubble of two of Seattle, Washington's most celebrated bands, Tuffy and Floyds Ranch, The Mellors surfaced in late 2004. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jamie Lane, the band’s self-titled debut was uncharacteristic from the majority of groups in the Emerald City as it embraced a Mid-Western sound that is organic with just a touch of Southern twanginess.

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Mudhoney: Grunge Grows Up (Mark Arm Interview)

Although considered by many as the Godfathers of grunge, Mudhoney never made the headlines of their angst-ridden Seattle peers. However, the Mudhoney sound has been an influential piece in contemporary rock. Seventeen years since their debut, the mud boys have returned with Under a Billion Suns.

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