Art Outside Music Festival – Quite Truly Unique Via Ten Reasons (FESTIVAL PREVIEW)

Prepare yourselves, festival goers, as Art Outside Music Festival is only 1 week away (Oct. 24th-27th)! This will be the festival’s tenth year running, and the lineup they have put together is something truly special. The 2014 version headliners include The Motet, Conspirator, Emancipatior, The Polish Ambassador, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Papadosio, Quixotic and The Motet. The lineup is far from all this festival has to offer though, as it’s known as a “roots” festival, and although not on the official regional burn list, they do operate under some of the same morals and codes.

Located just northeast of Austin, TX it should provide for some great weather for anyone traveling from the north, with average high temperatures in the mid-70s. Art Outside is not nearly just about the music, the incredible art installations and fundamentally sound workshops will have you leaving with more than you came with; not something you can say about many festivals. Learning, sharing, making, appreciating, including and indulging are just a few of the verbs attendees will become familiar with throughout the weekend. Below is compiled a list of 10 ways Art Outside stands out from the rest of the plethora of festivals, hopefully this will help nudge you down there! Tickets are still available online, and have been selling at a record pace, make sure to grab yours soon!


10. Autumn – Far beyond the typical summer festival season lies Art Outside. This year it takes place October 24-27, ensuring that no other festival should be on your radar but this one for the weekend prior to Halloween.

9. Crowd Size – At no time throughout the festival should you feel overcrowded, or cramped compared to a lot of North American festivals. The Apache Pass is over a hundred acres large and the attendance of the festival usually peaks at a couple thousand. That leaves plenty of room to wander, observe the installations and mingle with like-minded folks.

8. Supporting Their Artists – During his fall tour, The Polish Ambassador wants to spread the idea of, and the knowledge behind Permaculture. In doing so, he created a fundraiser so that fans could help him complete his mission. Art Outside Music Festival dived in head first by pledging $2,500 towards the campaign. In return, Wildlight, one of The Polish Ambassador’s sub-groups, will be debuting a song they’re constructing just for Art Outside at this year’s festival.

7. Avoiding the Phonies- Looking through the lineup and deciphering who to see and who not to see may be a little more difficult at Art Outside than most. These are REAL musicians with REAL talent. The chances of being disappointed because of an artists’ performance are very slim because the lineup is made to satisfy, not to sell

6. THE DOME – Late night sets don’t take place in a shed, or in a field, under a tent or in the woods. Late night sets at Art Outside go down in a funky, disco ball looking dome structure that houses everyone comfortably. This creates a very communal styled setting where people can feel like they’re escaping, while at home.

5. No Panicking– With a small number of stages, and timeslots being carefully curated most of the crowd migrates together, and nobody has to miss the sets they want to see. There’s nothing worse than a perfect lineup and a terrible schedule, and Art Outside recognizes that.

4. It’s Affordable – Tickets have now climbed to $135 for the three day fest. This is already a great deal, but some fans got pre-sale tickets as cheap as $60!!! The entertainment and insight provided for this small price is one of the best (if not THE best) deal of any festival around the country.

3. An Eclectic Lineup– From Bluegrass and Livetronica to jam bands, to every genre of EDM worth seeing live, the lineup has a little something for everyone’s taste. Not only does Art Outside encompass a brilliant list of genres, it also brings those genres from all around the world. The artists performing at Art Outside will be traveling from every corner of the map to play for the small roots festival.

2. The ART – The festival had to earn their name somehow, right? The art installations at Art Outside are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and will have you hypnotized. Several of the artist at Art Outside have in the past, or are currently involved with Burning Man and take Festival Installations to levels you never knew existed,

1. The Workshops – Many festivals offer “workshops” to attendees, but few offer them the way Art Outside does. Learning how to wire wrap jewelry, hoop dance, play a didgeridoo, yoga and how to grow your own food are just a few of the shops you can choose to attend. These workshops not only help you become a more rounded “festival goer” but they also provide a chance to apply some “better” into your life at home.

For all info, please visit the festival’s website.

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