The Hidden Track Week That Was

We’re doling out an added bonus with every post that stinks of blogger autofellatio, so allow us to present your reward up front: Saturday marked the seventh anniversary of the best second set in the popular rock band Phish’s 1999-2000 period, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention it. Simply seeing the date December 2nd always kicks me back into the month-long roll that began on that day in 1999. Stream the entire show from Sugarmegs:

That’s not the best recording, so if you want to cut to the chase, here’s the ridiculous Bathtub Gin, the crazy-industrial 2001 and the uniquely dark You Enjoy Myself that contains a jam seemingly wound up by a jack-in-a-box crank from the hands of an evil clown. Taken together, and preceded by a solid Boogie On/Jibboo one-two, this show may be the best tour opener in their history.

Let’s get on with a small sampling of shenanigans declared this copy-heavy week…


The New York Jets are flawlessly executing their way to the playoffs, Liverpool punched four first-half goals into the back of the onion bag on the road at Wigan for their first away win of the season, and all is right with the world on an early Sunday evening that’s been easy like Sunday morning…

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