SONG PREMIERE: Tesla Rossa – “Heavy Love, Pt. 2”

More than anything else, Tesla Rossa is an organism that has evolved rapidly and constantly through touring, writing, and common living over the past five years. After years of heavy touring and writing, Tesla Rossa is finally celebrating their first full-length release due November 11th.  With the upcoming release due, Glide is excited to premiere the self-titled album’s track “Heavy Love, Pt. 2,” (below) a revealing composition that combines the melodic mood wings of My Morning Jacket along with cryptic underbelly that spells listener rewarding authentic rock and roll.

teslarossaposter“Heavy Love Pt. 2 ” started as an outro to another song that we’d play in our basement all the time. Friends would be over hanging and listening, and we’d just keep jamming on it, and turning it into this reverb-soaked Motown-inspired thing, ” explained singer-guitarist Jason Denton.

“We had an instrumental demo of the song, and one night I took a mic and a laptop into this weird dungeon closet in my basement, and I recorded the lyrics over it. They were from a poem I’d written. It was avery turbulent time in my life. Most of my lyrics from that time are me telling myself that I can get through anything—writing songs rooted in a positive desperation.  Anyway, I could’t wait to let the band hear. “Heavy Love, Pt. 2″ quickly became one of our favorite songs to play live. It’s the first chill song we ever wrote together. When we brought it to Vance, it was already so developed that we literally set up, rolled tape, played it once, and that’s the version you hear on the record. It was the first song cut in those sessions.”

Tesla Rossa worked with several notable producer/engineers on this forthcoming self-titled debut, including former Wilco drummer Ken Coomer and Vance Powell (Jack White, The Dead Weather).  Powell assisted in narrowing down their numerous demos into a cohesive record and bring it to life. They cut the chosen tracks live in Powell’s studio and brought on Kyle Dreaden, now producer of the band, to mix.

The record itself spans a wide variety of styles from dicey blues-rock strut to expansive arena melodies.   In their most recent work, powerful groove-based drum parts and earworm melodies stand at the forefront. Perhaps the key to the band’s dynamic is their diversity of taste. “We all have very different listening preferences,” Denton  points out.

The band will be celebrating the album release with a special show November 22nd at the Basement in Nashville, TN.

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