SONG PREMIERE: Sunshine Riot- “Dead Baby Cocaine Blues”

After having spent time the prior year opening for Deer Tick, fellow New Englanders and southern-flavored blues/roots rock quartet Sunshine Riot will be releasing their new album Black Coffee Sigh on 1/13/15. Black Coffee Sigh was produced by 16-time Grammy nominated George Dussault, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, composer and founder of Galilee Productions. Dussault raves that Sunshine Riot is “a great soulful band, a favorite of mine.”

Glide is premiering the the second released track off the album “Dead Cocaine Blues,” a cut to the chase rocker that wastes no time in emphasizing the Boston band’s song writing strengths. Sunshine Riot take no prisoners with their galloping rock energy and urgent vocals.

“It’s a period piece, based on the 1900s practice of believing cocaine was a wonder drug for everything, and the problems that ensued,” says vocalist/guitarist Jonny Orton. “We’re basically trying to say medicine is always changing and what’s good for one may not be good for some. Also, don’t give kids cocaine, unless they’ve been really, really good ha!”

Catch Sunshine Riot November 8th at Copperfields in Boston.

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