Most Overlooked Artists For Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (LIST)

If there is anything as expected as the announcement of the new year’s inductees into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, it is the massive blowback it receives from the supporters of those who remain overlooked from consideration.  After careful mulling over the holidays, it has been surmised that these ten artists rank at the top of any list conspired in the wake of the upcoming ceremony in Cleveland on April 18, 2015. And while it is certainly a delight to see such deserving folks as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lou Reed, Joan Jett, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Bill Withers get nods, how these following ten acts continue to get snubbed by Jann Wenner and his crew is beyond comprehension.

1. Joe Cocker

Its shocking to think Mr. Cocker, who sadly passed away just before Christmas at age 70 following a long battle with lung cancer, wasn’t inducted within the first five years of the Hall’s existence. How this oversight was possible, especially for a guy like Joe who has always totally been in Rolling Stone’s wheelhouse, might be more mind boggling than most snubs. It is sternly suggested by this committee that in lieu of his death, Wenner and co. should give serious consideration to adding him to this year’s roll call. And while they are at it, they should induct John Belushi, too. If you need a little inspiration, just check out this live performance of “The Letter” from his 1970 masterpiece Mad Dogs and Englishmen featuring Leon Russell on piano. RIP Joe.

2. Jim Keltner

Its great that Ringo Starr has finally been inducted in 2015 under his own guise, but if ever there was a drummer who deserves to be included amongst his peers at the apex of their craft, its Jim Keltner. Most people might know him as the bearded backbone of the Traveling Wilburys, but Keltner has provided the backbone for some of the most important recordings of the last 40-odd years, including Bob Dylan’s soundtrack to Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, George Harrison’s Living in the Material World, John Lennon’s Imagine as well as Walls and Bridges, the aforementioned Mr. Starkey’s own Ringo LP, Steely Dan’s Aja and Richard Thompson’s Rumor and Sigh to name but a few. And it is that golden reputation as rock’s foremost session drummer which solidifies his eligibility to join the many peers he has worked alongside through the years in the HoF.

3. Brian Eno

Few artists have perpetuated as consistent a vision of rock’s limitless future for as long as Brian Eno has over the course of his 40-plus years in the game. During his all-too-brief tenure in Roxy Music, he pushed glam to the brink of the avant-garde before claiming the sound he invented for his own solo career as heard on such prog-pop masterpieces as Here Come the Warm Jets and Another Green World. As a producer and collaborator, he is as comfortable working alongside Coldplay as he is Cluster and responsible for the best albums by David Bowie, Talking Heads and U2. Now, as a marquee act for venerated electronic music imprint Warp Records, he’s keeping up with the likes of Chris Clark, Flying Lotus, Rustie and Aphex Twin at the vanguard of the 21st century. Why Brian Eno isn’t already in the Hall is shock enough. Why the call for his induction isn’t as loud as it should be is just plain criminal.

4. Sam “Lightnin'” Hopkins

Of all the great bluesmen who’ve yet to be inducted into the HoF, the omission of Lightnin’ Hopkins is the most befuddling. He was a chief architect of the Texas blues idiom, without whom this year’s inductee Stevie Ray Vaughan might have never had the opportunity to make it.  But his distinct style was entirely his own, often imitated but never duplicated. Among his most prolific acolytes are Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Jorma Kaukonen and his post-Airplane outfit Hot Tuna, Jerry Garcia, Townes Van Zandt and R.E.M., who named one of their best songs after him.  In the obituary he wrote for the New York Times following the death of Hopkins in early 1982, Wolfgang Saxon rightfully declared him “perhaps the single greatest influence on rock guitar players.” And what self-respecting rock fan could go through life without experiencing Free Form Patterns, which paired up Lightnin’ members of fellow Texans the 13th Floor Elevators back in 1968 that arguably ranks as the best amongst the fusions of traditional blues and psychedelia that were so in vogue at the time. As the must-watch Les Blank documentary The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins illustrates, few straddled the line of scrimmage between rural and urban blues like this great man, whose time for induction is long, long overdue.  

5. Deep Purple

Seems like the HoF has been heeding the complaints of Eddie Trunk and his massive listenership after the likes of Rush and Kiss finally being inducted after years of arrogant overlooking. But for some strange reason, Wenner and his pals still continue to snub Deep Purple, a band arguably as crucial to the fabric of heavy guitar rock as Rolling Stone’s beloved Led Zeppelin, perhaps even more so. If you need a little reminder to understand Purple’s indelible reach, dig this: I don’t really play guitar, but I know how to strum out the riff to “Smoke on the Water”. The saddest part is that for years this band has been eligible for induction, and during all that time the full lineup was alive and well. Now if and when Deep Purple do, in fact, get the nod they so richly deserve, it will be without original keyboardist Jon Lord, the man who transformed the Hammond B3 into a fully functional weapon of destruction.


6. A Tribe Called Quest

Few hip-hop groups managed to blur the lines between samples and musicianship like Linden Boulevard’s finest, whose quintet of classic LPs greatly assisted in hip-hop’s acceptance amongst the elder statesmen Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Jarobi White and Ali Shaheed Muhammad they paid homage to with their distinct Queens-bred homebrew of beats, bop and the blues. Their pioneering spirit flew in the face of the rising gangsta rap movement of the late 80s/early 90s, providing an alternate universe for those who weren’t down with the likes of N.W.A., Schooly  D. and Too $hort and saw the future of hip-hop designed in the perception of the Native Tongues abstract. Today, they are regarded the way Joni Mitchell and Steely Dan are in many ways, if not most importantly their prominent role in bringing the worlds of pop and jazz all that much closer to the sustainable balance it enjoys today.

7. Kate Bush

Sorry Lady Gaga, but there is only one true queen of art pop, and her name is Kate Bush. Some of the most important women in rock have finally been inducted into the Hall in recent years, including Joan Jett, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Patti Smith, Darlene Love, Linda Ronstadt, The Ronettes, Madonna, Donna Summer and Debbie Harry. And while Kate might not have produced the kinds of hits these other amazing gals have in her 40 year career in music here in the States, the singer’s singular, unapologetically progressive style of glacial piano pop has provided the bedrock for the last three decades of sonic adventure for humanity’s better half, from Sinead O’Connor to Tori Amos to Zola Jesus and then some. Meanwhile, her 1985 masterpiece The Hounds of Love, hailed as an inspiration for everyone from Outkast to Fiona Apple, knocked Madonna’s Like a Virgin out of the No. 1 spot on the UK charts, not too shabby for an album whose entire second side is based on a poem about King Arthur.

8. The Cure

I could name a good dozen bands from the British post-punk movement of the late 70s/early 80s who deserve a place in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. But if there had to be just one, there is no other choice than The Cure. Many might like to pigeonhole them as a “goth” band, but that only does an incredible disservice to the brilliant songwriting prowess of Mr. Robert Smith, which not only helped bring the 80s rock underground into the mainstream lexicon but also inspired countless acts over the course of the last 30 years from Tears for Fears to Nine Inch Nails to Smashing Pumpkins to Deftones to Interpol to Robert Plant to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and then some. To see the classic lineup of Smith, Porl Thompson, Simon Gallup and Lol Tolhurst reunite for a set at the Hall of Fame ceremony could turn even the blackest heart pink with joy.

9. John Coltrane

Carlos Santana will be the first to tell you of ‘Trane’s crucial importance to  the DNA of rock music. The sax giant’s unprecedented incorporation of spirituality and improvisation not only influenced the likes of such heavy hitters in AOR as Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, Derek Trucks and countless others, but the sheer hurricane force that came out of his alto during his LSD years paved the way for Swans, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine to boot. Coltrane has been eligible since 1981, but his reach into the outer limits of rock music remains as vital as ever.

10. Yes

Prog rock might not be cool in the eyes of whatever hipsters are working in the editorial department of Rolling Stone these days. But for a great many of us, Yes will always be where it’s at, and the idea of seeing a super deluxe version of the long-standing institution of all things angular and grandiose coming together for a performance at the HoF induction ceremony with a lineup of Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford and Chris Squire with Jon Anderson and Trevor Horn sharing frontman duties would be mind-blowing for fans who hold both Fragile and 90125 in equally high regard.

Five Honorable Mentions

Willie Nelson

Sonic Youth

The Moody Blues

The Pixies






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147 thoughts on “Most Overlooked Artists For Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (LIST)

  1. Ean Bartholomew Reply


    • bottler Reply

      moody blues, deep purple, chicago, paul rodgers/bad co, mick jones/foreigner, judas priest, ronnie james dio, jeff lynne/elo, pat benatar, iron maiden, i could go on and on….

      • alex Reply

        I agree about ELO/Jeff Lynne!! Freaking injustice I tell ya!!

      • B.Anderson Reply

        IAN —Jethro Tull?????? Not in the hall?

    • Jeff Yazinski Reply

      Thoroughly agree on UFO! Too bad they self destructed too many times. But what great music, esp during the Schenker era. Paired together Moog and Schenker wrote and played so many great songs. Despite their personal differences sure came up with an iconic sound. And inspired a great many others including Hammett of Metallica and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam. What a great balance between hard and heavy and melodic, without overdoing the testosterone lyrics.

    • Sulkaman Reply

      None on this Top 10 list made a greater contribution artistically to music than Todd Rundgren. And until Todd Rundgren is inducted, I will never walk into that abomination known as the Rock Hall (and I live in Cleveland where it’s located.)


  2. Don Reply

    +1 for ZEVON

    Where’s BOC?

    • Headless Roland Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. Warren’s one of the most under appreciated artists ever. Even when he was at his apex. I’m afraid this will never happen, but it would make me so happy and he’d pull a great list of artists to honor him amongst him many famous fans (Jackson Browne, Bruce, Petty, Stevie Nicks, etc.).

    • Greg Reply

      One more for Zevon. He was magnificent. The few well-known songs are great, but he left an enormous body of great work that no one knows about. “Lawyers, Guns & Money” should be a rock anthem up there with Born to Run. The ultimate Rock & Roll lunatic who was also a master deserves his due. It’s well overdue, in fact.

  3. Joe Reply

    How can they keep Jethro Tull out? Aqualung, Thick as a Brick, Songs from the Wood, Stand Up, Benefit, etc etc etc.

    • Mark Reply

      AMEN!! They don’t even mention Tull! Easily one of the top 5 recording/touring acts of the entire 70’s. What are they thinking!

    • russell Reply

      Absolutely 7 top ten albums including two No.1’s and a Grammy. Ian Anderson is a musical genius the 2 Number 1 albums contain a total of 4 songs

    • Edward Reply

      Good comments about Moody Blues and Jethro Tull. I’d add Grand Funk Railroad.

    • zodiac Reply

      No medieval rock allowed.

    • Jeff Reply

      Simple–the same way they keep the others out. Rock’n’roll is ruled, ultimately, by the punk narrative more than the classic-rock narrative, and bands like Tull and Yes are among the supreme villains in the punk narrative. They’re also unimportant enough to the *Rolling Stone* narrative for the punks to get their way.

      It’s also why Rush and Genesis had to wait so long, and why Peter Gabriel could eventually get in on his own. Floyd and Zep could get in because they’re just too big and important to ignore. (Chris Squire once openly wondered why Chicago wasn’t in. You might, too, if you got beyond their singles.)

      Both narratives can agree on late-’70s arena-rock (see Rush here, too) and ’80s hair bands–speaking of which, is Van Halen in yet?

  4. Ken Reply


    • mk Reply

      Agreed! Todd should be in. What an incredibly talented person to not be in… It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  5. SirLongDong Reply

    #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8, #9….WHO??…

    There’s a reason these “artists” aren’t enshrined….THEY SUCK

    • Joe Reply can go listen to your boy bands now..dummy.

      • bob davis Reply

        who would you consider boy bands that are in the hall?

    • bob davis Reply

      exactly.its become a joke anyway with some of the ones that have got in and others that aren’t.

    • Vince Reply

      I really wouldn’t admit to not knowing who these incredibly talented and influential artists are. It only shows off your ignorance. These artists truly influenced a generation (even if you don’t know who they are), and recorded some the of greatest rock records of any generation.

    • Daniel "Captain Graybeard" Reply

      Perhaps it is YE who sucks. Perhaps ye should walk the plank.

  6. Rich Perkins Reply

    like Cher would say – fuck those guys – and I agree – this isn’t a real Hall of Fame – its a few guys that think they know Rock n Roll

    • Matt Hurich Reply

      Right on brother…!

      While its awesome that they honor artists for their contributions and influence on music, in my opinion the powers that be who make the decisions of who gets in this year & who doesn’t, have their head up their ass… and always have.

      Ive been a musician my entire life, and I love and appreciate all styles of music. And while Im happy for some, Im consistently disgusted with the politics of it all.

      Why isn’t the ‘Board… or whoever…’ who makes the decisions, made up of musicians, who know music and its impact, instead of fat balding politically driven money grubbing fucks who don’t really know what the fuck is going on…. who don’t deserve to be there in the first place… sounds a little too familiar doesn’t it…?

      But then again, music isn’t really what it used to be, is it…?
      Biebers, Cyrus’, boy band bs, …. PLEASE !!!

      Anyway… Im with Cher… “Fuck ’em all…!!!”

  7. Rick Reply

    Procol Harum is also missing. What gives?

  8. tlb Reply

    Moody Blues should’ve been more than an honorable mention. It’s a crime they were not inducted years ago.

    • keith Reply

      The biggest shame of all is the moody blues.Tons of hits,innovative music.Years and Years of great music.They completely blow away many of the groups and musicians already in.This is why I find this hall of fame a comlete sham.I think the ones who get in are the favorites of rolling stone mag. Ditto that for deep purple and tull.

      • mk Reply

        I agree. Moody Blues without question. What criteria do they use anyway??
        I think ELO and Jeff Lynne should be in.
        I also think the Grass Roots and groups from that time period are overlooked for PC choices without nearly the talent.

        • alex Reply

          I agree on ELO/Jeff Lynne. More popular & many more big hits and great music than most of these names being tossed around. A total injustice for them not being mentioned/considered.

      • Rock Reply

        I agree 100% on the Moody Blues. Pink Floyd was really just a MB rip-off and they are in there.

        Very few bands have the innovation cred, the hits and the longevity that the Moodies have.

        And what about Chicago?

    • Tim Reply

      Moody Blues? Absolutely. Procol Harum? Perhaps. Kate Bush? Hardly. Where is Jimmy Buffett? The guy has sold more records, played in front of more sold-out crowds and built his own brand of music than many inductees. The RRHOF is a joke. Willie Nelson? Gimme a break. No matter how you stretch it he can hardly be regarded as a R&R artist.

  9. Bill DeVoe Reply

    good stuff indeed – completely spot on – especially, re: the glorious Kate Bush

  10. bob Reply

    Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, enough said

    • Paul Reply

      I completely agree with Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Been too long for them not to be included, especially with other non-rock bands that have gone in before them.

  11. Jerry Reply

    I certainly wouldn’t put The Cure or A Tribe Called Quest before Foreigner.

  12. bruce Reply

    Steve Miller?

  13. Earl Moore Reply

    Not sure who is on the selection committee but they seem to miss the point of “Hall of Fame”.

  14. Bill Reply

    What about Wishbone Ash?

  15. bob davis Reply

    how bout tommy james and the shondells.its all about the music and he had a bunch of hits in the 60s and early 70sand rap is not music or rock and oll.let that crap have its own hall.

  16. JT Smith Reply

    Jim Croce and Harry Chapin should be included

    • mk Reply

      I agree 100%!!! Why is it that great talent like Jim C. and Harry C. who are both musicians and writers get overlooked. They died tragically in accidents. What “really” makes someone like Kurt C. get inducted??? He had influence and killed himself and was moderately talented. Maybe eventually he should be in, but for him to be inducted and people like Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, and I would add Jeff Lynne from ELO, Traveling Willburys, etc… When these people get overlooked it really takes away from what the HOF should be.

      • alex Reply

        Jeff Lynne/ELO guys!! Who did the surviving Beatles pick to produce “Free as a Bird” & “Real Love”? When they could have selected ANY producer? Enuff said!! Give Jeff Lynne the respect he deserves!!

    • mk Reply

      I agree. Why is it that great talent like Jim C. and Harry C. who are both musicians and writers get overlooked. They died tragically in accidents. What “really” makes someone like Kurt C. get inducted??? He had influence and killed himself and was moderately talented. Maybe eventually he should be in, but for him to be inducted and people like Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, and I would add Jeff Lynne from ELO, Traveling Willburys, etc… When these people get overlooked it really takes away from what the HOF should be.

  17. Kevin Reply

    #1, Jethro Tull, #2, Jethro Tull, #3, Jethro Tull, #4, Jethro Tull, #5, Jethro Tull #6, Jethro Tull, #7, Jethro Tull, #8, Jethro Tull, #9, Jethro Tull, and #10, Jethro Tull

  18. Kate Reply

    Procol Harum and The Guess Who. Why are rap artists being inducted? That’s not Rock & Roll. The Hall’s really grasping at straws.

    • mk Reply


  19. gary Reply

    Blue Oyster Cult!!!!

  20. Madeline Reply

    The classic Cure line includes drummer Boris Williams! He was part of the band during their most successful run 1985’s Head on the Door thru 1992’s Wish.

  21. Lardo Reply

    Again the Moody Blues only get an honorable mention. For cryin’ out loud, people. the band invented a genre’, have sold millions of albums, sold out some of the most prestigious venues (on both sides of the pond), and are still touring today. (albeit as a trio)

  22. scottyp Reply

    Now that Joe Crocker just passed he is number 1? these guys are as full of it as rock and roll hall of fame itself! no disrespect to joe, but i bet he wasnt number one last yr on this cornyness

  23. Bill Haarmann Reply

    Now a band with many no. 1 albums, 3 no.1 songs and tons of top 40 hits is the one and only Chicago!!!! Toto would be my second choice. And how about Little River Band to lead the onslaught from Australia??

  24. Rene B Reply

    Diana Ross, Journey, Joe Cocker should definitively be inducted! Diana Ross should be inducted as a solo artist. She’s one of the most successful female artist in the world.

  25. robb Reply

    couple of missing- Moody Blues-Alan Parsons Project- Emerson Lake and Palmer?-Allman Brothers- Yes-Poco-Harry Chapin-Dan Fogelberg

  26. john Reply

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been tainted by hip-hop and no-talent pop-culture ‘stars.’ It’s obvious this “Hall” is not interested in celebrating the truly talented and accomplished – but rather those ‘artists’ who appealed to simple masses. Instead of honoring those who played their music with skill – they honor those who played the ‘game’ of selling out.

    To me, there’s not a more talented group of musicians than Kansas. Kerry Livgren was not just a songwriter – but a composer. What Bach and Mozart were to music centuries ago, Livgren and Kansas were during their prime.

    If we were to leave an audio time capsule for people two centuries to hear what we were capable of doing in music during this century – Kansas would be the perfect selection to include.

    For that reason – I’m hopeful Kansas is never enshrined. Simply put, putting them in the same company as Madonna, Boy George and the plethora of other pop culture clowns would simply tarnish their image.

    • John Reply

      I agree with everything you said about Kansas. One of my all-time favorite bands, incredibly talented group of guys! I never see them getting into the Hall, though. They don’t have that “cool” factor, unfortunately.

  27. Michael S Reply

    I’m still trying to figure out why Lou Reed wasn’t inducted in his own right withing the Hall of Fame’s first 5 years.

  28. DannyJude Reply

    A Tribe Called Quest? I don’t see how their music can be called Rock ‘n’ Roll by any stretch of the imagination.

  29. Joe Reply

    Monkees, Moody Blues, Jimmy Buffett. I agree with Jethro Tull, Deep Purple and Cocker for sure. How about Tina Turner? Is she in?

  30. Rickinaptos Reply

    How about Jeff Lynne for his solo career AND absolutely Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) for taking inspiration from Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road and fusing orchestral arrangements with Rock. Not to mention Lynne’s leading role in The Travelling Wilburys etc etc etc………..

    • Edward Reply

      Yes, to Electric Light Orchestra. No to all Hip Hop or Country artists. They can have their own hall of fame.

    • mk Reply

      Absolutely!!! ELO was a great band. And the Travelling Wilbury’s. Jeff Lynne is the only member of the Traveling Wilbury’s who is not in the HOF. I still think his live concert back in 2001 is the best sounding live concert I’ve heard.

      • Bill Morrison Reply

        Jeff Lynne should certainly be in the Hall!

        • alex Reply

          I agree with all of you guys!! Jeff Lynne…not only for his massive ELO contributions and solo work but also for being producer for George/Paul/Ringo….in fact, the whole freaking Beatles (“Free as a Bird”/”Real Love” anyone?)…Tom Petty/Roy Orbison/Del Shannon/Joe Walsh etc…and currently working with Bryan Adams. Why do you think these big name artists asked to work with Lynne? Give the man the respect he deserves!! He wrote all the ELO songs/sang lead/played many of the instruments/arranged the music/produced the albums. Name one singular artist/musician as talented. Case closed!!

  31. mk Reply

    Electric Light Orchestra, Moody Blues, The Grass Roots, Jim Croce, Harry Chaplin, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Kansas, …??? What criteria do they use?? Why would these great talents not be in the HOF?

  32. PAHLIE Reply

    Todd Rundgren, NY Dolls, Johnny Thunders.

  33. Richard Reply

    The Doobie Brothers

  34. Jay Reply


    • Edward Reply

      Jay, Chicago is not in? These guys at the hall are either political or crazy or both.

  35. Bake Reply


  36. phil Reply

    YES is still touring and sound amazing in their current lineup…I just saw them here in northern California – YES fans are kinda like RUSH fans: we know they deserve more recognition but if someone else doesn’t like them then its their loss! 🙂

    • Edward Reply

      Phil, YES is much maligned and not appreciated. Grand Funk Railroad is made fun of and laughed at, but they were great for a long time. I think the hall is all about snobbery and politics.

  37. Earl Reply

    Deep Purple-yes. Jethro Tull-yes. Yes–yes. Moody Blues-yes. What about The Doobie Brothers? The Doobies are one of the 10 best bands ever in my book.

  38. Bill Morrison Reply

    I agree with everyone here and would like to add one more . . . The Grass Roots. Perhaps they were more Pop than Rock, but they were great at what they did. 307 consecutive weeks on the Top 40 charts alone should merit their selection.

    Also . . . KEEP RAP OUT OF THE HALL! It is NOT Rock!

    • mk Reply

      Bill, I’ve been pushing for The Grass Roots a long time. I agree with you. They were a great band for a long time. I remember saving up my paper route money to get my first album as a kid, “The Grass Roots” Golden Grass, Their 16 greatest hits….. They wrote, played, and sang a lot of great songs….

  39. Kent H. Reply

    STEPPENWOLF!!!! Who hasn’t had their pulse rate boosted by Born to be wild and Magic carpet ride over the past 40+ years. The Rock Hall has become a joke!

  40. John Reply

    Link Wray ————– ask Pete Townshend , John Lennon , George Harrison , Bruce Springsteen

    • Steve Reply

      Never heard of them.

      And can not ask John Lennon and George harrison because they are DEAD! Want me to ask Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin also?

      The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame should not be about taste.

  41. Moe Reply

    This is whey there is so little respect for the R&R HOF; truly groundbreaking artists like the above are neglected, while big selling artists who have done nothing remotely original, like Green Day, are first ballot inductees.

  42. Steve Reply

    JOURNEY! Talk about successful. They are the pioneers of AOR. The RORHOF should not be about taste.

    • BM Reply

      Very good point!!!! They are still rockin and I have seen them many times since 2006. Not fond of Arnel Pineda though.

    • Jeff Reply

      Then it’s the Hall of Popularity and Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, and Justin Bieber get in. You seem like you want *your* taste catered to.

    • Gail Reply

      Agree 100%. Go to any ‘classic rock’ station and Steve Perry’s wailing every day! But for whatever reason RRHF considers Journey sell outs. Yep, they are/were selling out venues, selling records and Perry and company were selling it practically every night from the stage. Also agree that RRHOF resembles Oscars. I never care for those choices either. RRHOF is more than a joke. HBO’ll drop it when folks stop watching…hint, hint

  43. Brock Reply

    I’m a fan of Jim Keltner, but stating he was the backbone of John Lennon’s “Imagine” album is ridiculous. There were three drummers for those sessions and Jim provided the “backbone” to three of those songs. The drum parts most people would associated with that album were performed by Alan White of Yes fame; including the title track.

  44. Glovebox Reply

    The Tubes, The Dregs, Styx, Doobies

  45. Gair Reply

    is Jethro Tull in ?

  46. Dando Reply

    Anybody hear of a guy named——– GRAHAM PARKER?———-

  47. Soxfan63 Reply

    Two words…..Bad Company

  48. Soxfan63 Reply

    Bad Company
    Judas Priest
    Iron Maiden
    Deep Purple
    Doobie Brothers

  49. Robert Reply

    kiss is in the rock and roll hall of fame and yes is not.

    obviously being good no great musicians is not required.

  50. fabulous Reply

    The Buzzcocks?

  51. lennie chancey Reply

    ROCK and ROLL Hall of Fame ??

    you cannot get into Deep Purple , Joe Cocker etc until you get Paul Anka , Connie Francis and Chubby Checker into the Hall. They were at the beginning , they were the standard bearers for all those that followed.

    • kma22263 Reply


  52. Pat Reply

    KANSAS – some of the GREATEST musical performances ever. See them live to be sufficiently impressed.

  53. Steve R Reply

    No Cheap Trick either, what’s the Hall waiting for?

  54. Al Villanueva Reply

    If induction was based on sheer talent and great music, NRBQ and XTC would be in. Sadly, they never will be.

  55. Robert Prokop Reply


  56. Donnie Durham Reply

    A Tribe Called Quest will not be eligible until this upcoming year as their first recording was released in 1990. So it’s not really fair to call them a snub beings they’re not even eligible to be inducted. If you want to go with a Hip-Hop snub, go with someone like Afrika Bambaataa, Eric B. and Rakim, Salt N’ Pepa, LL Cool J, and especially N.W.A.

    As far as Deep Purple goes, “Jann Wenner and Co.” should be blamed for them being snubbed for so long, but you can’t really blame them over the last few years as they were nominated for the 2013 and 2014 class. They made the ballot. They just didn’t get voted in (Rush and KISS being on the ballot respectively definitely hurt their chances), so the voters have to be blamed instead, really.

  57. wagdaddy Reply

    Cheap Trick
    Cheap Trick
    Cheap Trick
    Cheap Trick
    Cheap Trick

    • Tortuga Reply


  58. Tony reid Reply

    Thin Fucking Lizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Ed Jones Reply

    I just want to say when I found out that Kiss was being inducted last year, I said “Really? Kiss gets in before Deep Purple”? then I knew the HoF was a joke, Deep Purple paved the way for Kiss, and for them to over look any prog band like Yes or E.L.P. really makes me think that the board isn’t really into music as just what’s popular.

  60. BM Reply

    Bad Company. Paul Rodgers is the best ever….. the epitome of a rock singer.

  61. Collie Reply

    There’s a difference (or should be!) between a band with a couple big songs and a Hall Of Fame level band. There are already too many undeserving acts in the Hall. I say delete some… don’t add MORE!!… (Chicago was hardy rock. Cheap Trick was ok -with two big songs- but, come on… Hall Of Fame? Hardly! Iron Maiden? Judas Priest?? Stop “nominating” bands just because you like them.)

  62. Mike Reply

    The Hall of Fame is a sham. Plain and simple. It should be totally fan voted not lame critics and music execs who don’t know crap. Major influence on most musicians that many of you may not know but who were nominated and of course not picked are The Meters. Check them out if you’ve never and get ready to see where NOLA funk n roll comes from. They influenced so many greats that are in the hall. One major lover of The Meters- Sir Paul.

  63. David Breese Reply

    The Guess Who

    • kma22263 Reply

      Nice choice!

  64. Rob Reply

    How about 2 bands that MADE MTV….Def Leppard and Bon Jovi! They are still 2 of the biggest Arena Rock Bands today. Both had over a dozen top 40 hits each, both sold over 65 million albums worldwide, both had over a dozen videos that topped the countdown on MTV, and both have played to millions of fans in sold out concert tours all over the world! They both have had bigger careers than most of the bands and artists inducted in the last 10 years. They should be joined by Journey, Styx, Foreigner, Motley Crue, REO Speedwagon, The Cars, Cheap Trick, Chicago, Meat Loaf, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Collins, Sammy Hagar, & Pat Benatar. They all have had bigger careers than The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who got in right away!

    • Nick Reply

      Spot on

  65. Bill Reply

    no deep purple .. no hall of fame its a joke.. considering deep purple and all the bands that have come from deep purple… whitesnake..ritchie blackmores rainbow.. dio… and the list goes on and on.. that have sold combined probably half a billion records , deep purple alone selling about 200 million and they aren’t in the hall of fame.. its laughable, now in music if u sell 30 million your huge star.. these guys have out sold more than most of the biggest names u can ever think of.. no hall of fame? lmao sorry whoever is on this panel does not care about MUSIC at all and to make that perfectly clear .. there is rappers in the HOF .. and legends like Purple who have influenced the greatest musicians in the world are still not in …. shakes head.. and laughs .. oh well , the guy has a good point its a tragedy a man like Jon Lord never got that honor while he was alive.. im positive Ritchie Blackmore the greatest guitarist ever.. or at least one of them in anyones book … could care less … and why should he? and the rest of them Ian Paice and Roger Glover and Ian Gillian … every single one of them deserves to be in the HOF .. def the greatest group of musicians ever assembled , and I cant say that without a shout out to … Yes.. also one of the greatest groups of musicians ever, Tull.. Moody Blues ect…ect… these amazing groups not being inducted from the start only proves this whole thing is a sham… these bands should have been inaugural members

  66. m dolla Reply

    LOVE featuring Arthur Lee. That was the start of a whole new scene in rock.Captain Beefheart!

  67. Shrek Reply

    Much more interesting list than many I have seen. there are so many deserving artists left out right now that any list is going to generate as much bitching as the HOF itself does. Your list differs drastically from mine, but it shows a very nice broad view of the possibilities and includes some names that many others making such lists have overlooked. So: good job!

  68. mk Reply

    I think all of us should create the “Real Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” I’m sure we wouldn’t agree on everything, but reading all these posts sure presents actual reasons why certain bands/musicians deserve it. The bands on this post would make a pretty awesome HOF,

  69. kma22263 Reply

    One of the most important women in rock is still not in the HOF: Pat Benatar. She has one of the most powerful and amazing voices ever.

    And, going out on a limb here, Three Dog Night. They cranked out almost 2 dozen hits in the 70s, had three strong lead singers, a solid band, and picked great material by Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and Laura Nyro… to name a few.

  70. Philip Reply

    No slight against Jim Keltner but “rock’s foremost drummer”? Ever hear of Hal Blaine? If you want to say “foremost drummer not inducted yet”, that’s fine, but just remember, they got it right with many of the names that are in.

    Also, I don’t think Joe Cocker was even eligible during the first five years of the Hall.

    • Grapost Reply

      Hal Blaine has been inducted into the HOF.

      • Philip Reply

        Yes, that’s why I said, “If you want to call Jim Keltner ‘rock’s foremost drummer not inducted yet'”…. acknowledging that Blaine is in.

    • Bildad Reply

      Sorry to be repetitive, but as a professional musician myself –not to slight any of the other artists–I think that Richie Hayward was the best rock drummer I ever heard.

  71. Al Rotundo Reply

    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD was the TOP selling band of the 70s and SOLD OUT Shea Stadium FASTER THAN THE BEATLES – and they’re STILL not in the Hall!

  72. Grapost Reply

    Deep Purple and Yes are the only 2 I agree with. The rest have no business being in the HOF.

    And Joe Cocker? I can’t take anything written by this writer seriously if he thinks Joe Cocker belong in the HOF.

  73. pc Reply

    Cheap trick !

  74. Bildad Reply

    LITTLE FEAT! If real musicians instead of “rock critics” selected the artists inducted into the hall of fame, there’s no doubt that LITTLE FEAT–who in terms of musicianship, songwriting and influence on on other artists are almost unequaled in American music history–would have been inducted years ago. It is way past time for them to be in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame!

  75. Marcus Reply

    I agree about J.Tull of course. Brilliant music for the most part. What about Procul Harum? They are remembered for their one classic hit, but PH made several epic albums, especially the first three with Robin Trower. Gary Brooker is a genius. Might be too sophisticated for the masses.

  76. Pedro Reply

    Me think that the R&R HoF is the biggest farse on the planet. And I touched Jimi Hendricks couch when I was there lol. The greatest guitar player ever, Terry Kath, isn’t even mentioned. At least Hendricks knew who was better

  77. Bobby Scotland Reply

    Love…Cheap Trick…Moby Grape,,,Quicksilver…Big Star,,,Taj Mahal…Ten Years After,,,,Ten Years After….Boz Scaggs and Steve Guitar Miller….Doug Sahm….Rory Gallagher….

  78. Martin Reply

    The JGEILS Band

  79. moe Reply

    Biggest song EVER !!!! Chubby fu—ckin’ Checker

  80. moe Reply

    The HOF needs to induct 10 songs each year. It’s more about the music than the artist’s body of work. For instance: “I Fought The Law” The artist will never be inducted, but the song, and others like this, should be added every year. Maybe 10 albums too.

  81. ted Reply

    The Hall of Fame is a total joke. Joan Jett got in, she does not write her songs. There is no right or wrong with rock music–like what you like, anyone who tells you what is good is a fool. Everyone should get in or no one. It’s just a tourist trap anyway.

  82. Gary Gust Reply

    As long as the Moody Blues are not in the Hall of Fame it will always be nothing but a joke. Same goes for Firefall and Gypsy, some of the best music ever.

  83. Ben Reply

    1. Chubby Checker- King of the Twist; Easily the biggest oversight

    2. Larry Williams- Covered by Beatles, Stones, Led Zep, Who; Straight up criminal

    3. Johnny Burnette Rock-n-roll Trio- Sh*t kicking Rockabilly Gods

    4. Chuck Willis- King of the Stroll when the Stroll was King

    5. The Cadillacs- NYC Doo Wop Gods; Speedo; Gloria

    6. Ella Mae Morse- As influence in 40s and rock-n-roller in 50s; House of Blue Lights

    7. The Dominoes- Influence; Early rock-n-roll headliners; 60 Minute Man

    8. Wynonie Harris- Influence; Flashy early rock-n-roller/ r&b shouter Good Rockin Tonight

    I don’t care who writes songs. Others wrote ‘Train Kept a Rollin” and ‘Honey Hush’ but it’s the Rock-n-roll Trio versions everyone covers, not the original arrangement.

  84. Colin Reply

    It took 20 years for Sex Pistols and KISS to get in the Hall but Green Day walk right in? Ridiculous. If you’re talking about bands that have had a huge influence on music, pop culture , and with some staying power you have to induct Devo.

  85. Chip Reply

    Rock and Roll HOF is much like NFL, MLB, or NBA HOF. Way too much bias built into the voting systems. That said, I’d love to see Brian Setzer get some love. He brought back two genres of music long thought dead, rockabilly and swing. I suppose you could knock him for being derivative, but really all rock and roll has been that way. Heck even the architect of rock and roll, Chuck Berry, was derivative.

  86. Ben Reply

    Has anyone mentioned Paul Revere and the Raiders? They ruled in the 60’s.

  87. kb Reply

    And another gazillion trail blazers of the 50s 60s, 70s, and so many given the nod who’d otherwise have vanished into the mists of time like so much fashion fad fairy fart. The integrity of the hall is given time to build but as beards grey and teeth bear long, integrity crumbles if holes are not addressed.

  88. Greg Laxton Reply

    The man who invented the power chord is not in the rock hall.

    His song RUMBLE – an instrumental – was banned for fear it would incite gang violence. How much more “rock and roll” can you get?

    Link Wray. The Rock Hall’s most glaring omission.

  89. mk Reply

    I don’t get how “popular” fadish people are inducted who might be talented but aren’t even rock and roll performers. You have all these rap artists, weird bands, …It doesn’t make sense. I don’t even agree with all the people who have been honored multiple times when there are SO MANY deserving artists that haven’t been inducted once.
    Jeff Lynne DESERVES to be in the HOF. Either by himself or as a member of ELO, Traveling Wilbury’s, etc. But, for him to not be in there makes it a sham.
    Here is a list I think deserves consideration. I will add to it as I am reminded. No particular order here.

    The Grass Roots
    Jeff Lynne
    Moody Blues
    ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
    Jim Croce
    Harry Chaplin
    Boz Scaggs
    Deep Purple
    The Cars
    Pat Benatar
    Doobie Brothers
    Three Dog Night
    Bad Company

    I’m a big fan of Gordon Lightfoot. Some will say he is a folk singer, but, he is a lot “closer” to rock and roll than a bunch of the politically correct choices which seem motivated by “diversity” rather than merit.
    There are many others.
    I think Rock and Roll is such a part of our history that WE the PEOPLE should decide who should be admitted. NOT a group of self appointed biased rich people with an agenda…which is what we have.

  90. Chad Reply

    The Moody Blues
    Jethro Tull

  91. brad Reply

    One of the most influential bands from L.A. The practically began invented a music genre that is still heard today, “Country rock.”
    The Eagles and others owes POCO a big thank you. The music that Poco played is now the norm in Nashville and beyond.
    Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Rusty Young (not Neil’s brother) and Timothy Schmidt, all great classic rockers.
    Put them in.
    (edited by Kelly Swann)

  92. Nick Reply

    Gotta throw Taj Mahal in there. Longevity, influence, breadth, talent, and general blues/RnR attitude.

  93. HS Moore Reply

    Please visit our Facebook pages:

    Put Dan Fogelberg in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Induct Jim Croce in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Thank You
    Unfortunately Dan Died in 2007 of Prostate Cancer and
    Jim Croce was killed in an airplane crash so the longer time passes, future generations will never know who they were unless we get them inducted, funny thing both of these guys were into the music and not the fame or awards or fortune!

  94. Scott Reply

    Jeff Lynne and or ELO is a huge snub!! The number of snubbed bands is obserd. Foreigner, Boston, Journey, Styx, Pat Benetar, Kansas, Bad Company, REO Speedwagon, it’s like an entire decade of music is being ignored!!

  95. Paul Reply

    Rory Gallagher the absolute best blues rock guitarist that ever lived. He has been gone 20 years and still to this day their has been none better. He didn’t sell out or compromise his music. I turn people on to Rory all the time and it surprising hoe many have never heard his music play on the radio and are now fans for life. Sold over thirty million record still selling strong. I have come to the conclusion that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn’t all it cracked up to be.

  96. jbigd Reply

    I am 77 years old and have been privileged to see almost every one of the names on this list. I only have one beef. Where the hell is “America” This band has been playing forever and they are still playing.

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