T Bird & the Breaks Bring The Funk On “Harmonizm” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Hailing from the “Live Music Capital of the World”, T Bird & the Breaks have been delivering their trademark brand of funky soul music since 2007. Honing their chops in the many venues spread across Austin, the group has developed one of the best live shows around. It would be easy to just call T Bird & the Breaks a soul band, but that would be too easy. Along with his talented bandmates, frontman T Bird (Tim Crane) has a distinctive style that incorporates funk, soul and hip-hop into something entirely its own. The group has previously released 2 albums, but on their latest, Harmonizm (due out January 27), T Bird & the Breaks have truly tapped into a sound that is fresh, exciting, and contagiously danceable. Here at Glide we’re psyched to present the exclusive premiere of the new music video for the album’s title track. The video features a night of wild karaoke in what looks like the Red Light District, and make sure to look out for a cameo from Austin’s own soulful duo Greyhounds (See our FEATURE on Greyhounds!)

T Bird himself offered his own take on “Harmonizm” and the mentality behind the new album: “A lot of the times people ask me to describe our music and what we sound like. I’ve always had a hard time describing it.  I have a much easier time saying, ‘we’re kind of like this, but not quite the same’.  I heard the word Harmonizm used in a skit by the West Coast hip hop group Tha Alkaholiks and it sounded to me like the right word to describe what T Bird & the Breaks sound like. Like harmony with a little extra flavor. Like peace and love with a joint in its mouth driving around in an old Continental. I decided to run with that and wrote the title track off our new album to describe what we do and how we get down.”

Look out for Harmonizm on January 27th!


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