Led by the husband-and-wife team of David Pelta-Tiller (mandolin, tenor guitar, vocals) and Enion Pelta-Tiller (five-string violin, vocals), Colorado’s Taarka specialize in weaving intricate folksy tales with technical acoustic musicianship not unlike groups like the Punch Brothers or fellow Coloradans Elephant Revival. It helps that this duo also features guitarist Ross Martin and bass powerhouse Sam Grisman, both of whom play often with the likes of Jeff Austin and Keller Williams among others.

As Taarka gears up for the March 24th release of their new album Making Tracks Home, they have put together a video for “Heart & Song”, which we are excited to premiere at Glide Magazine.

Enion Pelta-Tiller shared their thoughts on the conception of this beautiful song…

“‘Heart and Song’ began as a chorus in a dream – I woke up about 2 months after we lost our house to the Colorado floods with a clear memory of the dream and the melody and words to a song I had been singing in the dream. Over the next couple of months as we took sort a sabbatical in David’s family home in Virginia, the story of the song took shape, and the song was completed just days before we began recording Making Tracks Home. ‘Heart and Song’ began with thoughts of the separation, both emotional and physical, I felt from my partner following the flood – he spent hours and hours entranced by the awesome, terrifying power of the swollen river in our town, and I couldn’t reach him emotionally and was also afraid that the river might just sweep him up and take him away. The chorus is my prayer that we’d come back together, stronger and more able to face our challenges. The video was beautifully shot by Woodruff Laputka at our flood-ravaged home, a nearby farm, and during one of our performances at Moab Folk Festival.”

Check out Glide’s exclusive premiere of Taarka’s “Heart & Song”:

The group also offered some insight on their upcoming album…

Making Tracks Home is a before-and-after chronicle. About 1/3 of the songs were written or arranged in our wonderful little home on the St. Vrain River in Lyons, Colo. The other songs were written in the months following the destruction of our home and neighborhood by the incredible 1,000 year flood that descended upon Lyons between Sept. 11-14, 2013. We recorded most of the songs in a cabin where the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River meet in Feb. 2014, aware that the changing climate and rising seas might swallow that little cabin up within a few years. It’s also a tale of before and after in the sense that we were once a band who only sang through our instruments, and through years of work and maybe through processing our recent experiences, we’ve become able to express ourselves through song, too.”


For more on TAARKA check out their WEBSITE!

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