VIDEO PREMIERE: The North Country – “The Cross We Bear”

The North Country is premiering with Glide the video for “The Cross We Bear”, the debut single off their upcoming album, There is Nothing to Fear, due out April 20. A wry sense of humor presents the embattled modern man in an Office Space style narrative of the human condition that asks, “How do we overcome the malaise of modern life?” The North Country prove skilled song-smiths, where delicate compositions and earnest lyrics make for an immediate emotional impact.

In this witty visual tale, The North Country cry out, “if I have everything that I could think I wanted then, why do I feel so strange?” The noise of an alarm going off. Waking Up. The daily commute. Meeting deadlines. The common personal disconnect. These tedious cycles are all something we can relate to as shown in North Country’s themed video. “The Cross We Bear” is about the struggling transition from post grad life to adulthood, but could easily fit into the storyline of any generation in the workforce.

“There’s a certain malaise that people of this generation tend to feel around the post-college time that I think is really interesting, and perhaps unique from other generations,” says lead singer Andrew Grossman. “We’ve been told all of these lofty aspirational things from our parents about the future and being happy and this glorious American dream waiting for us. Then we get out on our own and realize that most of its untrue, everybody’s broke, and no one knows where to go or what to do.”

Compelling songwriting and tasteful musicianship are the pillars on which The North Country stands. Over the band’s four years in Washington, DC’s freshly reborn DIY scene they’ve forged a reputation for colorful and raucous shows. Drawing initially from roots Americana music, The North Country take things a step further, weaving a vivid web of psychedelic tones and colors into their sound that are both distinct and invitingly familiar.

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