Future Clouds and Radar: Peoria

Although Future Clouds and Radar evoke two words that are plain annoying – “beatlesque and power pop" –    the Austin outfit’s 2007 self –titled two disc debut, won over many new fans and even went so far as to be named fourth best album of the year by Harp Magazine.   Their follow-up, Peoria, is a tight eight song 35 minute affair, and while not as grandiose as its predecessor, this one still finds the band enrolled at Beatles U.  Led by unsung Robert Harrison, perhaps the most studio brilliant front-man this side of M. Ward, he performs with with a kaliedescopic vision, that continually evokes John Lennon.

While modern acts like Pernice Brothers, Apples in Stereo have all taken innovative turns on 70’s pop melodies, churning something cinematic yet avoiding sinking in mundane clichés, Future Clouds focus their vision into an ethereal sound plateau, while not shying away from a three punch of guitars, keyboards and strings.  Where the opener "The Epcot View" has R.E.M. jangly guitars and sunny harmonies, “Mummified” plays with trip-hop beats atop jazzy keyboard flourishes.  Neil Young is summoned on “Old Edmund Ruffin” while pop orchestration is pushed to the next level on “The Mortal” and “Mortal 926.” Although Peoria feels like an EP, compared to their debit opus, this time around there’s none of that extra filler.

The Epcot View – Future Clouds And Radar

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